Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- What Men Really Mean and Zevuv; demo (2013)

Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday returns! Six months of writers block ends today!

One of women’s favorite responces start with “You mean…” and, “Why?”.
A master electrician friend of mine told his dispatcher that he “wanted to get off Friday at a civilized hour. Like 3 o’clock.” She asked why. In the past I’ve noted that women were excluded from government and decision making throughout the majority of human history and pointed to possible explanations, but the stupid questions are the most likely culprit. Seriously, if there were a think-tank for stupid questions it would probably be a committee of women and homosexuals.
It’s not like teenage girls are any worse or better than the adult females either;
“Look down and to your right. Your right. Your other right”
“You mean my left?”
No, I mean you’re sixteen and can’t tell your right from your left.
Another great one is, “You don’t have to shout”. No, it seems I do. The first two times I answered you didn’t listen and replied with “what?”. For some reason I don’t have to repeat myself to the dog. I don’t have to shout at the nephew to get my point across either, but communicating with a woman can be like trying to carry on a conversation at a shooting range.
It’s just an observation, I’m not being chauvinistic.

Today we have Polish black metal by the name of Zevuv. Tremolo riffs and utter hatred felt in the lyrics. I’ve been listening to this demo for almost an hour straight; it is quite good and should be a poster child for Polish black metal, incorporating many different sounds in this demo. Polish black metal has a distinct sound that floats between Soviet bloc and way ahead of the time.
Great demo, definitely a “should hear”, not over produced or cheesy, this falls into the realm of “true” black metal, 90%.


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