Streaming Sunday- Saint Vitus (1984)

Saint Vitus is the only old doom band I really dig. Oddly enough, it was another band doing a Saint Vitus cover that got me interested in them enough to give them a second listen, but they are great. The guitar riffs are epic and the vocals catchy and fun. These are the type of songs that get stuck in your head easily and bring a smile to the face when they come on.
Originally I was turned off by what seemed like Sabbath worship, but this is also a landmark album for the genre of Doom, so I reserve judgment. Either way, this is an excellent album and highly listenable, 95%.

Besides for their self titled album there are many more available streaming and for download, so here’s one from Bandcamp also, making this a double Streaming Sunday.

dl S/T 1984

Dl the walking dead


Het Droste Effect- We Are All Hallucinating (2014)

Today we have Het Droste Effect, a Fuzz rock band out of the Netherlands and the introduction of the tag Fuzz, which is basically a groovy mix between kraut rock and space rock. Honestly, this is probably going to be my album of the year. I know it is still just April but this is along the same lines Thorr Axe, with that (epic, catchy, poster child of the year)
This album kicks off with a sick fuzz riff and just gets better from there.

space/psychedelic/ fuzz Rock dl 1


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Saturday- Smart Phones, Reality TV and the Quest of the new Black Metal; Thantifaxath- Sacred White Noise (2014)

A couple days late…
Blocking doorways and asles is a good indication of a moron, it’s on the rise and its all because of smart phones. There’s no getting around it, and nine times out of ten these clowns are going to be holding a smart phone. It’s as if they are the only people in the universe, adrift in a sea we call the grocery. Smart phones have ruined a generation that was already pretty worthless and are causing societies to degrade, the idiots are becoming dumber and more numerous, all because of the smart phone.
Along with the technological convenience of these phones comes the popularity of Duck Dynasty along the general dumbing down of American, and western society in general. Duck Dynasty is the televised version of crystal meth, rotting holes in minds already addled by smart phones and reality TV. At this point it is obvious the methamphetamine problem and Duck Dynasty are symptoms of a problem and not the cause of it. Television might has dumbed us down, but the smart phone kicked the average American over the edge into the abyss of total retardation.
The average American doesn’t want to think. Its hard. They spend 40 hours a week being told what to do by an employer and the remainder of the time they are told what to do by their phones. It’s easier this way. No need to waste time with difficult and time consuming thinking.
Reality TV is merely filming how people act out of cell phone range and calling it entertainment.

I wrote this section of the post late and in my rush to brainstorm it struck me that after 62 posts and in the year 2014, there is not much new to add to black metal.
Most of the notables I have already touched upon and now I’d like to write about new bands and the direction of the genre (as my phone battery goes down to 30%).
Supposing that if enough metal heads are talking about a band then there should be something worth reporting, I start the quest at Encyclopedia Metallum. While not the end-all authority on metal it is a good place to start, or so I thought. It seems there is no general consensus on the direction of black metal among the blogosphere’s leading metalheads. Perhaps Burzum’s album Belrus is the period at the end of the Black Metal sentence.
Bandcamp seems to be the face of new music so I renew the quest there, with bands sorted by popularity. Among the top five “Black Metal” bands I find Thantifaxath, a Canadian trio, with reviews claiming they’re, basically, “true black metal”, which sounds promising along with a decent review on Metallum of their first release.

Strike. Way too clean sounding, too generic and all over the place, and the vocals lean more towards doom than black metal. Even with the questionable vocals this brand new album is “true” black metal without a doubt… but it is basically a black metal album put to a technical death metal format also, 77%.
So the quest continues with the hope that black metal isn’t dead.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time And Lake of Blood; The Burial Ground sessions (2012)

A woman threatening to leave is like a dog running away that isn’t house broken. Ever since “Women’s Liberation” the American media and pop culture has venerated the strong woman, which means boisterous and rude most of the time. Seriously, I don’t know any women that are both empowered and nice. It seems that “civil” and “empowered” go together like oil and water.
One of the hallmark moves of these women is to dramatically leave a man. The reasons don’t matter so much as the observation that these women make a habit of doing such things. If an adult dog still pees in the house, and isn’t sick, there is no logical reason to believe that the dog won’t continue to pee on the floor in the future… If a woman is in her thirties and has already left several men before, the logical conclusion is that she doesn’t want to be married and her “reasons” for leaving in the past are really just excuses for doing what she wanted to do anyway. Which is fine, but the real issue is being confused by listening to what the woman is saying.
Taking a step back and examining it logically, it really doesn’t matter if the dog is barking or not after it pees on the floor and a woman who makes a habit out of leaving when she gets angry is still a woman who is in the habit of leaving when she gets upset. Reasons and excuses don’t change this pattern. Men get confused because they understand the barking, but just because we understand what women are saying doesn’t mean they’re correct. Seriously, would everyone suddenly stop housebreaking their pets if suddenly the animal could explain why they urinated inside?
Leaving? Ohh no! Don’t threaten me with a good time.

Lake of Blood is USBM out of LA putting forth this two track release, which isn’t ambient and is pretty good. So much new Black Metal isn’t really black metal at all but some conglomeration of dark ambient or thrash, which isn’t bad, just not the classic sound from fifteen, twenty years ago. This EP however, retains that classic sound without being a simplistic copy of some other band’s sound. The sound is somewhat unrefined and a bit too clean, but defiantly a solid demo, 80%.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday, How To Win Arguments With Women and Oak Pantheon- The Void (2011)

Women’s arguments rest in the premises that they themselves are perfect. A near universal trait among women that exposes one of their key weaknesses; If one avoids criticising a woman directly that woman has a much harder time arguing. Kind of like how declawing a cat doesn’t make it defenceless, just less obnoxious. It would be unfair and hypocritical to engage a peer in a conversation all while steering the conversation to meet one’s own ends, which is why I don’t consider women equals. Thus, this behavior is not hypocritical, but measured and wise. Seriously. It’s an algebraic equation where each side has to balance and the value of “X” is pointing out female stupidity and the value of “Y” is getting called an asshole.
Women argue based on emotion which is what makes this tactic effective. Logic and reason fuel men’s arguments and without them our arguments stall. Women use emotion in the same manner, thus if one avoids emotion then one wins the argument.

Oak Pantheon is a Minneapolis … Duo… Post black metal? Kinda like satricon. 75%