Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday, How To Win Arguments With Women and Oak Pantheon- The Void (2011)

Women’s arguments rest in the premises that they themselves are perfect. A near universal trait among women that exposes one of their key weaknesses; If one avoids criticising a woman directly that woman has a much harder time arguing. Kind of like how declawing a cat doesn’t make it defenceless, just less obnoxious. It would be unfair and hypocritical to engage a peer in a conversation all while steering the conversation to meet one’s own ends, which is why I don’t consider women equals. Thus, this behavior is not hypocritical, but measured and wise. Seriously. It’s an algebraic equation where each side has to balance and the value of “X” is pointing out female stupidity and the value of “Y” is getting called an asshole.
Women argue based on emotion which is what makes this tactic effective. Logic and reason fuel men’s arguments and without them our arguments stall. Women use emotion in the same manner, thus if one avoids emotion then one wins the argument.

Oak Pantheon is a Minneapolis … Duo… Post black metal? Kinda like satricon. 75%



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