Random Tag Game; Agitated Radio Pilot- The Ebb and Flow of Moonlit Grass (2010)

Agitated Radio Pilot’s The Ebb and Flow of Moonlit Grass… Ok, wow. “Mind-fuck” is the term that describes this album. It’s all over the place taking the listener on a rambling but interesting and relaxing trip. A project that flirts the boarders of psychedelic and ambient and lo fi, I listened to this album almost nonstop for three days after I downloaded it, defiantly a Random Tag winner.
Agitated Radio Pilot is the creation of an Irishman named David Colohan who has been in a bunch of bands that I’ve not heard of but am defiantly going to check out, like Holt, United Bible Studies and The Magical Folk of the Faraway Tree. This songs in this album were written about dude’s time spent backpacking around Australia and the instruments include clap sticks, 5 string banjo, mringdam, lap steel guitar, Hmong tuen flute and mandocello, which are blend together into a relaxed, chill album. Mellow mood music, perfect for the gravity session on a sweltering afternoon, 91%.
And yes, I’ve been slacking again. This last week has been pretty busy and so Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been delayed, but will be back next week.




Streaming Sunday; Amplifier- Live In Barcelona 10/05/13

Streaming Sunday is about listening to new bands, sometimes it’s hit and sometimes a miss, but at least it’s something different. This week’s selection isn’t my cup of tea, but I can see some people really digging this band, thus making it a true and impartial Streaming Sunday.

Amplifier is a Space/ Progressive Rock band from Manchester. They’ve been around since the late 90’s and have four albums out and four other releases. Admittedly, this is a Random Tag, it was popular on Bandcamp and they seem to have a big following, so it looked like a safe bet… the band itself is good, and the music isn’t bad, per se. But, the vocals are way too prominent and the sound leans more towards progressive and real old space rock. Honestly, the vocals are too loud and kinda spoil the overall sound, not really digging it, 76%.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Friday- Tornado “Victims” and Agalloch- The Serpent and The Sphere (2014)

Tornado victims in the Midwest… seriously? These people live in places like Nebraska and Iowa and Oklahoma, tornados are the most excitement those people see. Honestly, for those who survived uninjured the excitement probably did their hearts some good. I can’t imagine most of the “victims'” pulses ever reaching 100 bpm under normal circumstances. Not to sound crass, but what are they victims of? Missing Duck Dynasty?
Most of the damaged and destroyed building are at least 40 years old and probably needed to be torn down and rebuilt. These people live in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do anyway. What? We’re supposed to feel sorry for them because they have to do something constructive? Ohh no! The Pumpkin Chuckin tournament can be delayed for a couple years while those goobers rebuild (according to current building codes and with modern material). It”ll be ok, seriously, it literally took an Act of God to make those clowns insulate their buildings properly.
I have a hard time feeling sorry for people because something exciting happened to them… for the first time in fifty years.

Agalloch. Cosmic Hearse was the blog that got really me interested in the music blogging world. I’d sit for hours downloading music that dude posted. A really great blog full of good music. The author, Aesop, is the drummer in a couple of bands, including Agalloch, which is something like blackened atmospheric folk.
Honestly, I don’t get this band. Everyone loves them, they’re well respected and play at really impressive venues, but I am always left wondering what the hype is about. I thought that this album might enlighten me to their greatness, but no, still don’t get it. They bounce around between genres and the vocals are a bit too dramatic. The less appealing aspects of folk and black metal seem to have been merged into a hybrid band that plays well but just doesn’t sound right… They must be epic live. That’s the only conclusion I can draw because this album leaves me flat, 75%.



500th post! Bongripper- Live at Roadburn (2012)

Slacking, took the week off. This new live album from Bongripper came as news to me even though it came out over a year ago. Recorded at the Roadburn festival in the Netherlands back in 2012, it was the first time they played in Europe. For those who don’t already know, Bongripper is stoner doom/sludge out of Chicago, and this release is the combination of two sets, and they play almost all their songs. This is an awesome album, the sound is deeper, richer and fuller than the studio recordings, displaying what I love about live albums, 96%.
Also jumping up out of nowhere is StoneoftheSwamp’s 500th post… whatevesies.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Thursday; Commuter Rail, Pink Elephants and Urzeit s/t (2013)

Writing this late, again, but today is the day commuter rail arrives in Central Florida! I am writing this as I commute! To my surprise it is crowded, though, Floridians are clearly not used to being in close confines with one another, but it’ll be ok. Today is the day Orlando stops being such a small town.

Single woman in their thirties are the pink elephant in the room. Women’s Liberation has left many women of our generation with a twisted set of ideas, among them is the premise that a single woman is proving something just by being single. Women have been indoctrinated with feminist talking points since a young age so even the married ones can’t see the forest because of these trees. A single woman in her twenties doesn’t necessarily fit a stereotype , but by the time they are in their thirties the patterns can’t be ignored. Life isn’t easier or cheaper being single, so the reason isn’t rooted in logic. By the time a single woman hits thirty she has had a couple of adult relationships and moved on, which is fine, but the pattern of behavior implies a degree of stupidity and rudeness. Granted, it is also implied they know how to have a good time in bed and most of them can run up a healthy bar tab as well.
Regardless of what they say, most single women in their thirties want to be single, and, they’ll prove it through their actions. Which is fine, most of them are genuinely nice ladies, when they’re drunk. But, don’t expect to be with them forever and ever.
One time I found an abandoned poodle/terrier mix and feeling bad for the cute little dog I brought it home. Within a year that dog had bitten me so badly globules of fat were hanging out of my finger. Clearly, someone had dumped that dog for a reason and single, thirty something women fit into a similar category.

The quest of the new black metal has yielded better results this week in the form of Urzeitnd their self titled demo from last year. The demo starts out with blast beats, tremolo guitar riffs and screamed vocals leaving the listener that it is Black Metal of the highest order. And it’s new. Short and tremendous, 93%.
Black Metal isn’t dead.

DL Urzeit (2013)