Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday Thursday; Commuter Rail, Pink Elephants and Urzeit s/t (2013)

Writing this late, again, but today is the day commuter rail arrives in Central Florida! I am writing this as I commute! To my surprise it is crowded, though, Floridians are clearly not used to being in close confines with one another, but it’ll be ok. Today is the day Orlando stops being such a small town.

Single woman in their thirties are the pink elephant in the room. Women’s Liberation has left many women of our generation with a twisted set of ideas, among them is the premise that a single woman is proving something just by being single. Women have been indoctrinated with feminist talking points since a young age so even the married ones can’t see the forest because of these trees. A single woman in her twenties doesn’t necessarily fit a stereotype , but by the time they are in their thirties the patterns can’t be ignored. Life isn’t easier or cheaper being single, so the reason isn’t rooted in logic. By the time a single woman hits thirty she has had a couple of adult relationships and moved on, which is fine, but the pattern of behavior implies a degree of stupidity and rudeness. Granted, it is also implied they know how to have a good time in bed and most of them can run up a healthy bar tab as well.
Regardless of what they say, most single women in their thirties want to be single, and, they’ll prove it through their actions. Which is fine, most of them are genuinely nice ladies, when they’re drunk. But, don’t expect to be with them forever and ever.
One time I found an abandoned poodle/terrier mix and feeling bad for the cute little dog I brought it home. Within a year that dog had bitten me so badly globules of fat were hanging out of my finger. Clearly, someone had dumped that dog for a reason and single, thirty something women fit into a similar category.

The quest of the new black metal has yielded better results this week in the form of Urzeitnd their self titled demo from last year. The demo starts out with blast beats, tremolo guitar riffs and screamed vocals leaving the listener that it is Black Metal of the highest order. And it’s new. Short and tremendous, 93%.
Black Metal isn’t dead.

DL Urzeit (2013)


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