Streaming Sunday; Space Bats, Attack!- EP1 (2013)

Sunday is the day to relax, hit the gravity, veg out, stream music and look at random crap on the internet. Maybe hit up the Farmers Market and take a bike ride, but something chill. The feng shui of the day demands a mellow and relaxing soundtrack so today we have Space Bats, Attack! a three piece out of New Zealand playing moody experimental rock. Maybe experimental isn’t the best tag for these guys, but they don’t easily fall into any other genre. The first song starts out with a surf rock riff, then goes on to a psychedelic twang and from there dances between different sounds in a relaxing a moody four song EP. A unique sound, highly recommended, 90%, enjoy.


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday – Orlando, City of the Half-Ass and Propast- Věstnik Preispodnji (2013)

Orlando is the town of the half-assed. It’s true. Everything here is done almost all the way. The heat and humidity permeate people’s souls to the point that the last 5% of any project becomes an enormous hurtle that never seems to get done. It doesn’t matter if the project is inside and in the air conditioning, the swamp seems to leave brain residue.
Everywhere I go in this city I see shit that’s mostly done. The commuter train doesn’t run on weekends and only twice in the middle of the day. Repairs on houses and buildings are finished, except for being painted. Bondo, tri-colored cars and tarps as permanent roofing are all the fashion in this town. And paddle boards.
UCF gives a Salt Life sticker and a paddle board with every degree earned. Every half-asser in the greater Orlando area has a paddle board. It’s really the perfect activity for the someone who wants a sense of gratification with a minimal amount of skill and effort. I guess standing on a ten foot by three foot piece of foam holding a broken kayak paddle takes some skill and coordination, but so does walking.
And, after writing all this crap about Orlando being the land of the half ass, I realize this post is a week late. Whatever. It’s warm here and at least everything is mostly done… it’s like we’re waiting for an invasion of ambitious people to come and finish everything.

Propast is Serbian black metal, pure and raw. Blast beats, vocals shrieked in Serbian, tremolo guitar riffs, 90% and highly recommended.



Streaming Sunday; The USA Out Of Vietnam- Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes (2014)

The USA Out Of Vietnam is a weird name for a band, but it is a good setup for the music. It leaves the potential listener with the immediate impression that this Montreal band is going to be different, and the point is further driven home by the bass-ackward album title. The tag “dream pop” is the most appropriate description of the sound, which includes fifteen guest artists… I was on the fence about this album up until that last song. What respect I had gained for the band was destroyed by the vocals on the last song; cheesy and executed poorly.
In 2014 an easy measure of an album is if it would be a good purchase on vinyl, and this album doesn’t make that cut for me.


The Cosmic Dead- Psychonaut (2011)

Recently I came across the Cosmic Dead, a Glasgow quartet playing droney, psychedelic, instrumental space rock… Twangy guitar riffs and a deep soundscape that blends instruments and riffs into a smooth psychedelic flow. Great session music, 90%, highly recommended as a “should hear” album.


Random Downloads; Cold Sun- Dark Shadows (1970)

Here we have Cold Sun and their sole album, Dark Shadows. A Random Download, I don’t recall where I found it. It took me a minute to get into this album but it has a special psychedelic quality that is quite appealing.
Obscure, recorded in Austin Texas around 1970 and released in 1989 (Last FM), this is truly an underground gem, 91%, highly recommended.

supposedly an underground psychedelic classic
Sorry for the lack of a streaming album, but below is a YouTube link to the full album.
Cold Sun – Dark Shadows 1970 [Full Album]:


Relationship and Black Metal Advice Wednesday- The Secret Sexist Conspiracy and Wolves in the Throne Room- Black Cascade (2009)

Women think that they are perceived as stupid for reasons other than their words and actions. Seriously. They think that there is some hidden, sexist conspiracy, plotting to repress their talents. It’s a near universal trait among women also. If a woman thinks another is stupid, she’s labeled a bitch, if a man does, he’s sexist. I’ve never heard a woman say, “He/she thinks I’m dumb because I said something really stupid”. It’s like those Sex in the City whores, they spend years fucking every guy they can and then can’t figure out why they haven’t found Mr Right. Never occurs to any of them that they’re doing something wrong themselves. I think the whole series ended happily with all of their vocal chords being surgically removed. It’s either that or they all dry up and learn how to cook, I can’t remember.
Honestly, listening to a woman try and discern why she is viewed as stupid is like watching a dog chasing it’s tail.

Ok, my last review of Wolves in the Throne Room was luke warm and I haven’t listened to them much since, but there was a time when I was a fan and listening to this album again brought me back around. Yes, there is a trendiness about them, but a few of their albums are really, really good too. A duo hailing from Washington state, signed to Southern Lord Records and playing masterful USBM, they defiantly fall into the realm of “true black metal”.
WitTR has a refined sound that leans towards symphonic and assuredly not lo fi, so heavy use is made of synthesizers. In Black Cascade the synths are subdued and not overpowering, unlike some of their releases… Really, they are hit and miss and always have been. The first demo was epic (I’m doing a post about it next month), but the second demo was disappointing, but their next two releases, Diadem of 12 Stars and Two Hunters were great. Black Cascade has solid guitar and drum pieces that aren’t drowned out by the synthesizers and rates a 88%, recommended and WitTR is defiantly a “should hear” band for any modern metal head.

DL Wolves in the Throne Room


Floor show at BackBooth

On my way to the Floor show, via the last SunRail (train) of this humid and sticky Monday. Amazingly enough it has actually been useful twice in the same day. There are four bands playing and the doors opened at 7:00, so I’m expecting quite a wait and I’m already five beers deep. Unsure what to expect, last time I visited this venue there was an unfortunate incident involving the bathroom, but I’m older and wiser now and I am confident the facilities can emerge triumphant and unharmed tonight.
A band was already playing when I arrived, a sludge/psych band, the vocals were too prominent and they sounded like they were looking to play the third stage at Roadburn. I thought they were ok, but my friend who I meet at the show didn’t like them at all. After their set Floor began setting up and by the time they were playing I was on my third craft beer, but the uneasy peace with the men’s bathroom prevailed.
Dude came on stage wearing a Death shirt, which was cool because Death is from Central Florida. Floor plays a good show, and the venue was small and the acoustics good, but, this was towards the end of the tour and it showed in the sense that the sound was exactly like the album. It was still a good show, however, by my four or fifth beer the bathroom was taunting me, so it seemed a good time to go before the creative juices really started flowing… Overall a good show.
(I didn’t photograph the bathroom because that would have been like taking pictures at the DMZ in Korea.)


Streaming Sunday- Instruments- Eleven Found (2012)

Streaming Sunday, Instruments- Eleven Found (2012)
You’ve got to be kidding me. It is amazing someone actually went through the trouble of posting this on Bandcamp. Utterly amazing. I wasn’t even going to post this after listening to it, but it is too ridiculous for me not to share.
This release is tagged “instrumental math rock”, so I downloaded it expecting math rock, without vocals… It’s not. It’s an entire album of people murmuring in the background. Yes, really. One could be huffing gasoline and eating paint chips and this album would still sound horrible. It’s also tagged “post rock”. The only tag that isn’t deceptive would be the “Halifax”. It isn’t ambient or drone, it’s like sitting at the Department of Motor Vehicles, only more boring.
Instruments is a trio also. I’m blown away that three people actually thought this was good. I can imagine one guy creating a loop of crowd noise on a computer, but I honestly have no clue what the other two dudes were doing while he was playing on the computer… Seriously. Even if they were blowing each other on the couch in front of him, I still don’t see how that would make them part of the “band”.
This album rates a 10%, because it could be worse, somehow.