Floor show at BackBooth

On my way to the Floor show, via the last SunRail (train) of this humid and sticky Monday. Amazingly enough it has actually been useful twice in the same day. There are four bands playing and the doors opened at 7:00, so I’m expecting quite a wait and I’m already five beers deep. Unsure what to expect, last time I visited this venue there was an unfortunate incident involving the bathroom, but I’m older and wiser now and I am confident the facilities can emerge triumphant and unharmed tonight.
A band was already playing when I arrived, a sludge/psych band, the vocals were too prominent and they sounded like they were looking to play the third stage at Roadburn. I thought they were ok, but my friend who I meet at the show didn’t like them at all. After their set Floor began setting up and by the time they were playing I was on my third craft beer, but the uneasy peace with the men’s bathroom prevailed.
Dude came on stage wearing a Death shirt, which was cool because Death is from Central Florida. Floor plays a good show, and the venue was small and the acoustics good, but, this was towards the end of the tour and it showed in the sense that the sound was exactly like the album. It was still a good show, however, by my four or fifth beer the bathroom was taunting me, so it seemed a good time to go before the creative juices really started flowing… Overall a good show.
(I didn’t photograph the bathroom because that would have been like taking pictures at the DMZ in Korea.)


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