Relationship and Black Metal Advice Wednesday- The Secret Sexist Conspiracy and Wolves in the Throne Room- Black Cascade (2009)

Women think that they are perceived as stupid for reasons other than their words and actions. Seriously. They think that there is some hidden, sexist conspiracy, plotting to repress their talents. It’s a near universal trait among women also. If a woman thinks another is stupid, she’s labeled a bitch, if a man does, he’s sexist. I’ve never heard a woman say, “He/she thinks I’m dumb because I said something really stupid”. It’s like those Sex in the City whores, they spend years fucking every guy they can and then can’t figure out why they haven’t found Mr Right. Never occurs to any of them that they’re doing something wrong themselves. I think the whole series ended happily with all of their vocal chords being surgically removed. It’s either that or they all dry up and learn how to cook, I can’t remember.
Honestly, listening to a woman try and discern why she is viewed as stupid is like watching a dog chasing it’s tail.

Ok, my last review of Wolves in the Throne Room was luke warm and I haven’t listened to them much since, but there was a time when I was a fan and listening to this album again brought me back around. Yes, there is a trendiness about them, but a few of their albums are really, really good too. A duo hailing from Washington state, signed to Southern Lord Records and playing masterful USBM, they defiantly fall into the realm of “true black metal”.
WitTR has a refined sound that leans towards symphonic and assuredly not lo fi, so heavy use is made of synthesizers. In Black Cascade the synths are subdued and not overpowering, unlike some of their releases… Really, they are hit and miss and always have been. The first demo was epic (I’m doing a post about it next month), but the second demo was disappointing, but their next two releases, Diadem of 12 Stars and Two Hunters were great. Black Cascade has solid guitar and drum pieces that aren’t drowned out by the synthesizers and rates a 88%, recommended and WitTR is defiantly a “should hear” band for any modern metal head.

DL Wolves in the Throne Room


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