Palm Desert- Dawn of the Burning Sun (2009)

Palm Desert is a Polish band playing desert rock… Sort of. The instrumental are dope. The singer…Well, I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. This album starts off with a strong, catchy desert rock riff, then gets better from there. Until the vocals start. Holy fuck, how can a Pole sound so thoroughly cheesy singing in English? Homeboy sounds like he spends his days collecting aluminum cans on the beach leering at underage girls. I mean, he references a coyote in one song. Seriously? I bet he’s got a poster of one in his room. Again, Übermensch starts off with a mellow but strong desert rock riff, but is soured by subpar vocals that ease into the song, then take over it entirely reducing the instrumentals to short repetitive riff subordinated to the vocalist. This cheesy format is the band’s blueprint for all of its songs, which I’m not digging.
Cheese does grow in the desert, 71%.



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