Øresund Space Collective- Live at Circus Maximus, Koblenz 2013

This new live album by Øresund Space Collective came out a few weeks ago, mellow, relaxing, spacey… I would have thought by this time the space/jam sound would have gotten repetitive or stale, but no, ØSC delivers yet again with this album, starting out low and gradually building up momentum as it progresses. Perfect session music. Enjoy.


the Disfunction show and the Smell of Punk Rock

Disfunction played the other night at Uncle Lou’s, I arrived just as they were setting up, which meant that I missed the Filthy Dix play unfortunately (At least I didn’t miss both bands). Uncle Lou’s is an extremely small venue (like 1000 square feet) with low ceilings and bare concrete floors, so the acoustics make it sound like you’re at band practice. Immediately I noted how punk rock is the only genre that has a distinct smell to go with the sound. The stench of body oder was overpowering, cutting through the cigarette smoke like an invisible, noxious fog, silently seeping throughout the room, burning the nostrils like mustard gas. Just as I was expecting President Assad to appear on TV and explain why we were being asphyxiated, Disfunction started to play. And they were awesome, almost instantly the pit engulfed all but the corners of the room, a swirling mass of drunk guys running in circles pouring beer on each other. Disfunction was playing really well that night, along with the band practice-like acoustics made for a great show, it reminded me of the small DIY and house shows back from high school, sort of. The cloths are newer and most of the ladies are substantially larger, like, wow, much larger. But the show was awesome, easily the best show I’ve been to this year (so good that I didn’t even feel the need to upper-deck the toilet).




Round Eye show at Will’s Pub

Friday there was a show at Will’s Pub. That, I’m sure of. There are photos to prove it. I know I was there because I took pictures of odd looking lesbians, and I had a shot of Fireball. Then I remember a bunch of people dicking around and socializing for an hour. Typical Florida show.
Midnight rolled around, I was eight IPAs deep and our ride was leaving… So basically I missed the show but got to see chubby girls with no makeup… It’s funny being that drunk and the women still don’t look good.
Anyway, Manny tells me the show was great and yet again a show review is ruined by craft beer.


“Round Eye are a Shanghainese expat rock and roll band formed in 2012 by Craig “Chachy” Englund, who is the group’s lead vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter, Robert Brown (Bass), Lewis Maplethorpe (saxophone), and Jimmy Jack (drums and percussion). The played their first show at the Yuying Tang rock club in Shanghai, China on June 4th, 2012 and are to release their debut eponymous E.P. as a 12” split record with American punk rock band Libyan Hit Squad (LHS) in September of the same year on Ripping Records.

Former members of Libyan Hit Squad, Super AIDS, Evelyn Rose, Sikhara, and The Rondos”

And here are some weird lesbians with no makeup, I didn’t understand, and it’s not because I was drunk.

Samsara Blues Experiment- Revelations & Mystery (2011)

The pace of summer has slowed publication, but today we do have a stoner/ psychedelic/space rock band from Berlin, Samsara Blues Experiment and their 2011 album, Revelations & Mystery. A good release, the sound is all over the place and doesn’t stay in any single niche. Space rock sounds make themselves hears as well as Indian (raga, according to Last FM). Good stuff, 88%.
(I’m going back outside)