High On Fire show at Will’s Pub

High On Fire played the other day up at Will’s, I got up there just as they started playing, and the place was packed. Full of rat tails, hipsters and chubber-wubbers. In fact, one thick girl I saw had a portrait of herself dressed as a princess tattooed on her leg. Talk about a warning sign, wow, she might as well wear a sign saying “I’m a pain in the ass”. Now, I’m no beauty, but I had to note that High on Fire attracted an exceptionally ugly crowd. Not violent or anything like that, just really not good looking people. Seriously. On a scale of one to ten, with five being average, the majority of the crowd would have been around the 2-3 range, like, just short of obvious physical deformations. Even for Orlando this was a notable gathering of uggos, I didn’t even get a beer because I didn’t want to wade through the horde of sweaty, ugly people, brushing against me with their hair and their sweat… Gross.
The band was clearly having a good time, as was everyone else. While it was a fun show, the sound was so poor I wouldn’t call it a “good” show. The sound was so clean it could have been a CD playing and the drummer was barely audible. But, the enthusiasm was there, and Will’s is always a decent venue, so it wasn’t bad at all.



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