Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Fishing at the beach and Bone Awl- Meaningless Noise (2007)

What would possess a person to put meat and blood into the water at a crowded beach?
Our society has pastoral roots and forgaging for food is still considered entertainment, but there is no logical reason to attract sharks to a public beach. Everyone has the right to enjoy the beach, but fishing at a crowded beach is the same mentality as pissing in the sink at a rest stop. Both are public areas open for all to use and there aren’t any official rules against either activity. Just like every other stupid idea, if there isn’t a sign specifically prohibiting it some jerk-off is going to do it, no matter how idiotic. Fishing at a crowded beach is almost always a white male activity, normally sober too, just dumb as fuck. Socially, this is the same mindset as driving slow in the left lane on the interstate with the basic idea being to use everyday public activities to annoy/anger as many other people as possible. It’s not like anyone seriously thinks they’re going to catch anything surf fishing in a crowded beach, it’s a public announcement that one was fondled as a child, didn’t like it, and are still trying to work through the emotions. While it’s sad these men were unwilling sex objects as children, but they’re still assholes for attracting sharks to the beach.

Bone Awl- Meaningless Noise

Raw, low fi USBM with harsh and jagged songs. For those who don’t know, Bone Awl is a pair of guys playing punk influenced black metal. Metal heads now a days will speak badly of these guys, making the typical elitist comments that arise when an “underground” band achieves any sort of fame. The reality of the matter is back in 2002 when their first release came out, black metal was still underground and no one had heard a release that was so raw, furious and well recorded in lofi since Burzum’s self-titled album ten years pior. Honestly, this is one of the bands that brought USBM scene into the modern Era of black metal, and they are really good, even though a bunch of other people like them as well. Meaningless Noiseisn’t their absolute best release, but it is still quite good, 88%.


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