Colors- Unfinished Business (2014)

Stonercore is the type of music J Mascis would play if he smoked pot instead of just being weird and socially uncomfortable. Seriously. Kinda upbeat, soothing song structure, cool guitar riffs, perfect for a rainy afternoon.
So… Colors is a stonercore band. The cover of this release makes them look like some real goons, but trust me, it’s good music. It’s not like I’m asking you to hang out with the dudes. They might be into some of off shit like swordfighting or docking, so I wouldn’t ask that of anyone. But the music is pretty good, ten and a half minutes, instrumental, chill, defiantly a good bandcamp find, 85%.


Gender Inequality and Dawn- promo demo (1993)

Educated women speak with confident authority about “Gender Inequality”, emphasizing things such as pay disparity in ultra high paying jobs such as CEO positions. It sounds sad and unfair, like some rement of the chauvinistic past. There are logical reasons for these things, however, women who speak of gender equality prefer the sad and unfair explanation because it blames men and doesn’t critise themselves or their actions. Women will argue for a woman’s right to take maternity leave in the same breath as Gender Inequality as if the two are totally unrelated.
Women don’t listen or follow instructions as well. Ask a woman to perform a task with detailed instructions. There will be multiple questions, several suggestions, it won’t get totally finished and will be late as well. The famous Soviet “Night Witches” was a WWII all female bombing squadron and a good case in point. The whole squadeon was late to the war because they weren’t ready for combat. Once they got to the war their first mission ended badly when two of the women got lost and were shot down, although, it is notable that they didn’t stop and ask for directions. The women tailored their uniforms to fit better and addressed each other by their first names. Of course, they were also told that they needed to be able to shoot as rifle well, and of course, when tested their uniforms looked great, but they couldn’t shoot very well. Eventually these brave women managed both to find the Germans and drop bombs on them, and to this day they remain a heroic explanation of gender inequality.

Last year was a bullshit year for Black Metal with few good albums and DSBM being more popular than ever. Frustrated, I looked backwards for an overlooked and unappreciated album? Dawn released a stunning blackened-death classic in (Slaughtersun 1998 that was a metal masterpiece that remains one of metals finest albums. However, that is all that they are known for, so, looking back at their great early years I found this demo from ’93. This was the era immediately before black metal and there were loads of bands playing great blackened-death and this is one of those early releases, 91%.


Mono- The Last Dawn (2014)

Post-rock is like pizza. It’s normally pretty good and different everywhere you go. Mono is the Japanese parallel to Pelican, instrumental and brooding, their latest release The Last Dawn is magnificent, easily the best post-rock album of last year. I would say more, dissect the album by song and by sound. But, my mind is cloudy, muddled by the excellent mango, so all I can manage to say, is check it out. It’s an instrumental masterpiece that suits the Monday morning session quite nicely.