Morke/Kristallnacht Split (1997)

Back in the 90’s black metal was still somewhat real. Great albums were coming out every month and with Political Correctness being fashionable National Socialist Black Metal was quarantined to a small and very underground scene in Europe and South America. NSBM labels were based out of Russia and the Deep South. Albums were produced on cassette in small runs making them difficult to find.
Until the era of file sharing. At its zenith one could download any album, in two minutes. CCRR and I would download literally dozens of albums at a time. When we stumbled across NSBM it was a treasure trove of good music we’d never heard and by the end of the afternoon we had several days worth downloaded. And there was a lot of good, 90’s era black metal.
Good music is what this blog is about, not politics and not the odd things musicians say to get attention. That said, this is a good split, check it out, 87%.