Wardruna- Runaljod- Gap Var Ginnunga (2009)

Wardruna has such a deep story that a second post was needed. Not only does this Norwegian drone group make their own traditional instruments, but they also sing in galdr which is old norse for spell; incantation and “a master of the craft was said to be able to raise storms, make distant ships sink, swords blunt, armour soft and decide victory or defeat in battles.” (wiki), which is part of Seidr which is basically pagan scorcery. Pretty cool.   Gap Var Ginnunga is their debut album, the first release of the trilogy, it meshes perfectly with the second, and both can be left in repeat for days.  Incredible, epic, 97%.

dl 2009


Wardruna- Runaljod (2013)

Spacecakes brought up the band Wardruna the other day. Norwegian drone, they also make the music for the show Vikings (they were a group well before the series). Each of their albums interprets eight runes of the Elder Futhark, the ancient runic alphabet. Their instruments are made out of the bones and hides of animals from the forests of Norway and the recordings are done outdoors at locations relevant to the runes the songs depict. They even played a show in front of the Gokstad ship. Their sound is so epic that my dog sings along.
Runaljod, is the second album of a planned trilogy, fully as good as their first, and really, kind of mind blowing, 96%. There is so much to this band that a second post is needed to explain what the music is conveying, so next week I’ll visit their freshman album. Enjoy.

dl 2013