Church of Misery/ Sourvein split (2006)

Split-albums used to be the way underground bands got to “viral” status. Back in the pre-internet days they would introduce band’s fan-base to one another’s. Bands on tour would trade albums and merchandise along the way at different venues and a good show with two or three touring bands would end up becoming a miniature scene record shop for a few hours.

The Church of Misery / Sourvein split is a great example. I am somewhat familiar with Church of Misery. They are a psych/doom/sludge act hailing from Tokyo but are pretty much a European band. They always seem to be playing with some band that I know, like or love. Sourvein, I have “heard of” them, but can’t remember much other than that. Metallum labels them as sludge/doom which is correct.

This the quintessential split because starting out I knew little about either band and after listening to this album I am a fan of both. A sludgy, psychedelicy masterpiece that comes highly recommended 90%.

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