Burzum- demo II (1991)


This second Burzum demo marked the crystalization Black Metal as a genre. This recording is low, muddy and the production quality is poor, all of which adds to the feeling. Many people don’t like the low recording, bitching and complaining… Which is cool. Some people like the clean radio sound and sitting down to pee.

Either way, this demo represents the moment when black metal emerges from the sub genre of death metal/ metal as a distinct separate genre with tremolo guitar riffs and shrieked vocals.


Random Black Metal Bandcamp; The Great Old Ones

Today we have a random Black Metal Bandcamp post about The Great Old Ones’ new album EOD; A Tale Of Dark Legacy which is based on a novella by H. P. Lovecraft.  In 2017 there isn’t a lot of new ground to cover in black metal. There has to be something more to an album or a band now a days besides for being straight “black metal” and basing the lyrics on a book doesn’t cut it.   The premesis is good, but not enough on its own.  At the end of the day a good gimic doesn’t make up for uninspired music even it it is played perfectly; 65%.

Minus the Bear- Menos El Oso (2005)

Minus the Bear is indie rock from Seattle. They came to my attention reading a review about some wine.  The ding dong author claimed it “pairs well with Minus the Bear”.  Ok, maybe he isn’t a ding dong, because admittedly I didn’t try the wine while listening to MtB, though, I don’t think that would have changed my opinion of this album unless said wine somehow fermented into copious amounts of MDMA; 65%.



Tortoise- Beacons of Ancestorship (2009)

This Tortoise album is definitely not my favorite. I thought they were post-hardcore, but I guess not. Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen are mentioned in the write-up on Bandcamp, which gives an idea of where this album is going. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they said “inspired by”, but honestly if I wanted to listen to Kraftwerk I would, and they are better at their sound than anyone else is anyway. This is one of those albums that is a flop because the artists got too artistic, 70%.


Late Night Venture- Tychonians (2015)

Happy Halloween, the day when adults feels it  is acceptable to dress up… Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get it.  Anyway, for today we have Late Night Venture, which is indie/ post rock from Denmark.  They first came to my attention when Dr Space mentioned them playing at the Kildemose Festival; good, very listenable, but uninspired and lacking somewhat in having a distict sound of their own. Wandering all around the indie genre, sometimes venturing closer to a classic rock sound, and then more of a psychedelic feel, then distorted guitars being reminiscent of shoegaze.  Kind of all over the place, and while the music is good, I’m not really digging it, 80%.


t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者- 向かい合って (2014)

I made some awesome Habanero Ox-Tail the other day, then last night I got super stoned and ate all the leftovers… And some chicken Florentine, and a bunch of yogurt, probably some other crap too, in not sure.  Needless to say, later in the night I awoke and spent a couple of hours shitting my ass off and while this occupied I happened across this this genre called dreampunk.  It doesn’t lend itself to any easy description but it is nice and mellow and soundscapey, with jazz and surf and elevator music influences blended together into some really good crapping music, 83%.

t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者

Bastion of Castillo de San Marcos