Hieroglyphics ~ Hiero Oldies Vol. 2 (1998)

The kid skating is doing some sick slappy curb stuff, but the music… It sounds like 90’s era West Coast hip-hop, but the structure is East Coast(ish) as well some elements such as horns, piano and the collective/collaboration format. It is surprising that I had not heard of Hieroglyphics, collective out of Oakland, California. The best comparison would probably be Camp Lo (I will post about them later, but another underground favorite.)

Growing up in Florida in the 90’s the knowledge base for “scene” music was very regional. We all knew the East and West coast hardcore, punk, emo and ska bands as well as possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of traditional ska. Underground Hip-Hop, Rap, Bounce, or whatever you want to call it, was incredibly hard to find in the 90’s. Obviously, since I am just now hearing about Hieroglyphics. This is an excellent album, 95%.





Dawn- Slaughtersun (1998)

Album reviews of 99% are gross exaggerations. Almost always. Going to Metallum for evidence I stop at the first review, utterly amazed.
Slaughtersun is definitely in the top 1% of all metal albums. Dawn is Swedish blackened-death metal and Slaughtersun came out in 1998 back when death and black metal were genres with well defined parameters. Yes, Metallum labels them as “melodic black metal and death metal”. That is wrong. Blackened-Death is a distinct sub-genre.

Back in 1998 there were two restrooms, male and female, no family restrooms. Trans-gender and gender-identity were not common terms and Black Metal had screeched vocals and tremolo riffs. That was not considered “melodic black metal”, it was just black metal. The change in terminology and labels does not help, it just makes everything more confusing. In the years since this album the black metal sound has been more thoroughly explored which explains the change in nomenclature. However, Slaughtersun is still blackened-death metal.

And what an example it is, a friend of mine played this CD on repeat for three days straight after it came out.