Sickoakes- Seawards (2006)

As I said there has been a sickening lack of good metal albums this year, so here is an acoustic, soundscape random download.

In their own words-
“We are eight people and we play music without vocals. We live in Sweden. Our songs are long and we spend a lot of time making them. At the moment we are trying to finish our second full length album.
We have no idea when it will be released. But we are still falling in love with our music, which is a good sign. We will try to update this myspace profile with extracts from our rehearsals.
If you like what you hear you can send us a message, that will make us happy and perhaps push us a little further. We aren’t playing live at the moment, there is not enough time. /xxx Sickoakes”

Ok, they sound fruit and I don’t “get” the album, though parts are quite good, in an acoustic, soundscape sort of way; 80%.