Zefs Chasing Cara- Ultra Gown (2013) Solo Album of the Year

Zefs Chasing Cara’s Ultra Gown was released in November, with the notable tags Edinburgh and instrumental math pop and the honest explanation; “I’m a person recording music at home.” Someone on Bandcamp described it as “expressive, colorful, emotive math-rock” which is quite accurate. The album takes the listener on a journey through the composers feelings, both high and low and everything between. This has been a year of math-rock and yet this release still sticks out and it’s a solo project, which is why I name this The Solo Album of the Year. While slightly heavy with electronics it is a strong release that can easily be left on repeat and will undoubtedly be enjoyed for years to come. This is a stellar example of the marvels of technology allowing one person to make an entire album and distribute it to the world from his house, amazing, 93%.



Black Metal Album of the Year 2013

The proper way to enjoy this album is standing bathed in the cold light of the moon among the quite still of a clear predawn morning.
A mix tape from Svn Okklt put out by Fallen Empire Records, which “is a label based in the USA dedicated to releasing black metal on vinyl and cassette formats”.
Instead of a Top Ten list I’m just naming “the” album for a few genres and this compilation is easily my favorite black metal release of the year. A beautiful compilation of raw analogue black metal, blast beats, tremolo guitars and screeched vocals, true black metal for the ages, 93%.

Svn Mix Tape