The Devil Makes Three

Pumpkinhead introduced me to The Devil Makes Three, and he lives among the red woods in Nor Cal, which is exactly how the band claims to to have risen to prominence (they played at Austin City Limits, that’s as prominent as it gets). Word of mouth and playing a lot of shows in the northwest and touring is the explanation.
A three piece alternative country band without a drummer and a stand-up bass, punk influenced and played for dancing, this not the radio-country that comes to mind when the genre is mentioned. This is a band whose music has done the promoting rather than a record label. The alt-country label sounds a bit stupid, but whatevesies, it is a genre made up of greasy west coast hippies playing punk/folk and east coast hardcore kids playing folk/post-hardcore (I’ll post about them later).
These three are the greasy hippies (New England ex-patriots), and being true to why I detest greasy west-coast politicaly-correct, ex-pat hippies; they have made sure no one can download their music for free (easily via mediafire anyway), but they are such a stellar band that I still felt compelled to share.

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