Ashdautus- Shadow Plays of Grief (2005)

Ashdautus is black metal from the LBC. (Long Beach California, not Low Budget Casselberry), formerly of the Back Twilight Circle until they disbanded in 2011 (Metallum).
This is an awesome band and underground, and I really mean underground, even in the digital age of global communications, there are just two videos on YouTube of them. Virtually no biography, explaination, just black metal. Pure, fast, intense and mysterious, this is what black metal is about, a band that started and ended quietly their legacy will be of quality USBM.
Yet another of the Black Twilight Circle work, enjoy.
(By the way,RK, I found a copy in .zip so that you can download it too)


Axeman- Arrive (2009)

Axeman is another band of LA’s Black Twilight Circle. Volahn plays everything and the lyrics are about Mayan mythology, and as a side note he also plays with Bone Awl live, according to Metallum.
Fast and reminiscent of older, early eighties stupid-hair-metal. It is good, but I don’t find myself looking through iTunes for this album, it is more like “What type of metalhead are you if you don’t have Axeman’s Arrive?”
Either way it’s here if you want it.


Shataan- War Cry

Shataan is a Blackened band from California, part of the Black Twilight Circle. I added the category Blackened for this band because they are defiantly black metal influenced, but defiantly not black metal, or metal really. Which is why I am so fond of the Black Twilight Circle collective, they are producing new material with a new sound that is not a simple rehashing of old material.
Although Encyclopedia Metallum does list them, and as Black Metal, Shataan starts this album with a flute solo, grainy rainy background noise and goes on exploring territories that fall into depressive, folk, pagan, metal and screamo categories. It covers all that ground with an almost mystic twist that seems to be the Black Twilight Circle’s trademark sound, which sounds good and goes well because their albums are all cassette-only.

download war cry