Introducing “Butt Rock” and Terminator 2 s/t Part 1 (2012)

I am announcing a new genre to the world; Butt Rock. I don’t remember where I found this band and it sat on the back burner for quite a while, but once I started listening to it I immediately envisioned the band giving each other eyebrow piercings with a safety pin in a single-wide trailer while blasting Pantera.
A trio out of Denton, Texas playing a sludgy, doomy form of hard rock. While they are on Metallum this is a case where I have to disagree with the Metal Archives. This isn’t metal.
The seventh song starts off with a sorta catchy bass riff, which is basically the same riff that two previous songs started with, then there is a pause in the middle of the song to solo that same fucking riff for a fourth time! Wtf?! Ohh, yeah, with “intense” vocals screamed “passionately” throughout the whole fucking album as if these clowns listened to way too much Limp Biscuit and Korn at some point and now perceive that distant memory as their own creative ability.
This is Butt Rock in all of its glory and the only really positive thing I can say about it is that the production is pretty good, thus earning it a rating of 51%.