Morke/Kristallnacht Split (1997)

Back in the 90’s black metal was still somewhat real. Great albums were coming out every month and with Political Correctness being fashionable National Socialist Black Metal was quarantined to a small and very underground scene in Europe and South America. NSBM labels were based out of Russia and the Deep South. Albums were produced on cassette in small runs making them difficult to find.
Until the era of file sharing. At its zenith one could download any album, in two minutes. CCRR and I would download literally dozens of albums at a time. When we stumbled across NSBM it was a treasure trove of good music we’d never heard and by the end of the afternoon we had several days worth downloaded. And there was a lot of good, 90’s era black metal.
Good music is what this blog is about, not politics and not the odd things musicians say to get attention. That said, this is a good split, check it out, 87%.



Elvira’s Mom and Farallon- Stellar Descent / Aylwin split (2013)

Recently, CCRR observed that the feral cats in the neighborhood were putting on weight. Logically speaking, there had to be an explanation for this, and thus began The Mystery of the Fat Cats. “Coincidently” we also noticed the crazy old lady that lived in one of the apartments across the street (Elvira’s Mom), was moving.
After several seconds of intense concentration we deduced the only logical explanation for the feral cat’s weight gain is that Elvira’s Mom has been feeding the cats.
In the light of the moon she duck-walks naked into the front yard of the apartments with a can of raw tuna stuffed into her orifices, then, standing still as a statue, she waits for the feral cats to approach and feed, like a hunter. When the street light momentarily flickers back on, she throws a blanket over herself like Frodo, in Lord of the Rings and, disguises herself as a rock.

Today we have the Farralon split featuring Stellar Descent and Aylwin, a black metal band and an atmospheric blackened post-rock band. The split has the typical California-Cool-Kid in so far as they only made 10 physical copies (hand numbered, of course), then, later, another twenty, other than that it is free and Bandcamp-only at the moment, which is real nice.
The first track is by Aylwin and while listenable, it is too long and the whole blackened atmospheric and post-rock sounds have been pretty well explored, and this track belonged in the last slot, not the first. It would have fit into the flow much better at that spot, sleepy songs aren’t good first songs.
The second and third tracks are by Stellar Descent and is in actuality just one good, long, soaring song. While thoroughly black metal an acoustic guitar is used to good effect, and while some might call the part with the Canadian geese (I’m not kidding) a bit much, I still enjoy this song and it carries this split into the category of one of this years best releases to date.
It is rare now a days to see a band explore new sounds from a purely black metal perspective (most attempts are just cover bands who forgot the original lyrics), 89%.


And here we have a picture from DasBüt and the latest Nutty Cock and Nuts Sodomy ‘zine


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday- Women’s Music Tastes and Zinumm- Lobishome (2012)

Today’s Relationship Advice Wednesday is about a recent revelation which is so profound and overwhelming as a topic that I can not help but comment; Darin (Hobbit-Darin), would give his dog handies, as a teen, in front of company. As if it were perfectly natural to be jacking off the family dog.
Normally I would dismiss such as story, but there are two verifiable witnesses to this mastermind at work.
In fact, Filipe made him stop. So the poor dog didn’t even get to finish. Which, all considering, at that point, likely constitutes animal abuse because its not like that dog is ever going to be normal again, so he was just aroused and then deprived at that point, which is cruel, even to do to a dog.
In Darin’s defense, he was “relieving the dog’s sexual tension”, which sounds noble, until he pulled out a sock and started to service the dog… My first question once I stopped laughing was, “Did you tell his mom?”, but honestly, she probably didn’t want to know. Of course, how is a teen supposed to tell another teens parents that their son is giving pleasure to the dog?
That had to be the peak of a very weird iceberg, begging many questions, such as;
1. What did the parents expressions look like when they inevitably caught their teenage son giving a tug-job to the dog? (With a sock)
2. Was there a history of mental illness and or sexual abuse in the family? Or did he conceive of this on his own? (I refuse to believe that it was the dog’s idea)
3. What did the dog look like?
4. Is the dog still alive? If so does the Darin still play with it’s Red Rocket?
5. If the dog is deceased, how badly did he take it? Did he go through a mourning period like a widow?
6. Why in the world is the dog’s sexual tension a matter of concern?
This post is more of a public service announcement really, since it is the start of summer vacation, and idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Today’s black metal is Zinumm, a Spanish solo project playing Gaelic themed black metal. Brilliant tremolo guitar riffs and computer derived blast beats, the “wall of sound” approach was taken on this EP and the bonus track is a serene Spanish guitar bit, closing out the album quite nicely.
While, the musician is quite good, the production is wretched, and I am quite sure a drum machine was used as well… The production so bad that the album would have benefited from being recorded on analog (rather than being butchered by a computer); 74%.


Fluorescent Heights- Vendetta in Paradise (2013)

Fluorescent Heights is an ambient/drone solo-project hailing from Sweden, this is music Blaine whales would make if they had synthesizers. CCRR responded that that’s why they should go extinct.
Canoeing the deep Rivers mellow synthesizer qualities prompted me to notice that this song had sparkles, CCRR, who is in hell listening to this, dryly responded that it isn’t sparkles but chimes.
This is weird ambient drone, the use of synthesizers is a bit too heavy handed on this release, actually, I couldn’t make it through the whole album. it’s too much, not even codeine could make this an “A” album, only recommended if you are prescribed lithium, though, so experimental that it’s good for a few laughs, thus saving it from an absolutely failing grade, 55%


Mogwai- Young Team (1997)

Scottish post-rock, claiming that they aren’t post-rock, and one of the better known bands at that. They’ve been around for a long time, and while not my favorite of the genre and this isn’t my favorite among their albums. That said, the riffs are great, high and low tones alternating with intricate guitars playing off one another, this is an album that reminds me of the Roots, Orginax because both albums were the first albums from well-known-unknowns who subsequently became well known. In addition, both came out during that magical era of music, the 1990’s.
Yes I refered to the 90’s as magical, and it’s not just because that was when I first “expanded my mind, with glowing rings of smoke, thoughts not always kind…” (part of a poem given to CCRR in college by an admirer… in the men’s bathroom.) I refer to the 90’s that way because there were tons of new bands and genres and labels and tours. Defiantly a collectible, however, I haven’t felt compelled to purchase it, streaming is good enough; 81%

buy on iTunes, bullshit I know but the era of free downloads is over


Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Raging Bitch Syndrome, the Real Meaning of Christmas and Wolfmother- Cosmic Egg (2009)

Today’s Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been slightly modified because it is CCRR’s birthday! (And because I am so hung over my brain feels like scrambled eggs)
This Relationship Advice Wednesday is about how people act around Christmas, specifically women. As soon as Halloween comes women start getting bitchier and bitchier until the final culmination of the total raging bitch on Christmas Day.
This is evolutionary proof that Christmas, Santa Claus, peace, love and joy are all bullshit marketed to us by Corporate America. The real reason for Christmas or the festival of the winter solace (or whatever one chooses to call it) is to get all the women of the community together to bitch at each other rather than their husbands. This in turn lead to a decline in cases of prehistoric domestic violence and thus the reason we celebrate Christmas.

I just noticed that this post is for Wednesday, after I had this Wolfmother post half written, so even though it is not black metal I am just going to run with it because my brain is mushy.
Wolfmother is an Australian hard rock band who toured with Dead Meadow and did this cover/reinvention of one of their songs. They are interesting, new(er) and while I’m not a huge fan of hard rock they do put on a good show. And this is a decent follow-up to yesterday’s Dead Meadow post, though in the future I doubt I will seek out this album to play I am still glad I have heard it earning it a rating of 70%.



Ghost Aquarium- Light Can Not Escape

Ghost Aquarium is Razor Ron’s indie project from the Hazel Street duplex, recorded in 2004. The third bonus track is Ghost Aquarium/Hazel Street Sluts covering GG Allin’s Die when you die with CCRR on vocals.
Listening to this reminds me of the hurricanes and sitting at the hazel street house, no power, just a hand-crank radio, humid as hell, 95° and all of us trying to grill a pizza drinking Busch beer.

download light can not escape

Ghost Aquarium

Super Aids- sweet little thirteen (2005)

Super Aids was a local band now defunct for of a lack of a bassist… well, that and the woodchipper broke too. Their sound is a hard mixture to describe besides for the obvious punk influences. This album is a punk album heavily influenced by classic rock and roll and G G Allin. It is a unique sound and this one is my favorite because of the fifth member as vocalist. Their style benefited having the vocalist freed from the pace of the guitars, but CCRR just didn’t work out as vocalist…
Back in 2005 I’d ride my bike over and sit in on the session and Super Aids band practice after that… it was great, a small smoke filled living room stuffed to the ceiling with amps and speakers and blankets and recording equipment and cords running everywhere. One small orange cord went out the front door (it was otherwise known as the “orange lifeline”) to the studio apartment next door where CCRR, Melon and The Cousin are all looking like ET, three adults and two dogs living in a 500 square foot studio with the electric turned off.
That was the hangout spot on a dead-end street, businesses all around, the only “quiet time” was when Josh (of the RunnAmuckS and Ripping Records) was recording, then no loud noises or drunken tirades.
That duplex had so much character that it even had the impression of an 1984 Cadillac set in the front of the house (Razor Ron, slightly intoxicated, circa 1999).
It was a fun time, but all things must end and the DOT took the house and razed it, possibly because of the Beer Bottle Incidents.

catch Super Aids
Super Aids on MySpace


Quotes from the porch and Øresund Space Collective

“What is that kid’s problem?? I wish a family member would have molested me as a kid, I would’ve gotten more allowence… ‘some call it hush money, but that’s how we express our love’.”

“Charlie, uh, you have dip running down your chin.”
“Thanks. Howe muuch do youe still owe on your stuedent looans?” Replied Charlie, the master electrician, through a golf ball sized piece of chewing tobacco. 

“Your favorite thing in the world. Yes. That’s better than tuna-hole.” -Angry Ginger

It’s a lazy day so I’m posting some quotes from the porch and a video from Øresund Space Collective, a space-rock jam-band, whom I will write a post about at some point in the future (and a download link, of course).
Pepper Plant

the DL link for SpaceC and the professor