Energy 2000- Mercury-Atlas 6

Back to posting again after taking a hiatus to recoup. Today we have a fitting release for easing back into life’s routine after an enormous event. The new release by Energy 2000 is surfy, spacey, chill wave, relaxing and perfect for the lazy Sunday afternoon. They make great use of old NASA radio communications set to a chill wave/ surf/ space rock soundscape. Very cool, the first song Cocoa Beach ’62 starts with a stellar space rock riff that pulls the listener into the album and just gets better from there with a drifting soundscape set to background NASA transmissions from the 1962 Mercury-Atlas 6 mission launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
This band releases albums that I never really got until this one. I liked them, I posted about them, but I didn’t understand where they were going until this release. In a sense, this is true space rock using the actual audio of some of the first space flights with the instrumentals conveying the peaceful drifting of space. Excellent, highly recommended, 95%.

Wiki article on the Mercury Atlas 6 mission

Streaming Sunday, Energy 2000

Here again for Streaming Sunday we have Energy 2000’s Karman Line Velocity introducing the genre of “Chillwave”, which is both laughable and fitting at the same time. In their Bandcamp bio they mention surf rock and the vastness of space as inspirations… Their music is great to have still ringing through your ears while sitting in gentle three foot swells just beyond the line on a lazy Sunday afternoon, watching tourists quietly waddle up and down the New Smyrna beach… Chillwave, enjoy.