Coyotes in the Room- Violence (2013)

Coyotes in the Room is one of my favorite bands, out of Indiana playing lo-fi psychedelic garage rock. Violence is their latest album, released March of this year, relatively short but quite good and new. 85%

Here we have Catrick Swazie again, he is neutered but uses sexual domination to control the neighborhood cats.


Coyotes in the Room- Love Stuff Cheap Smokes (2012)

Here again we have Coyote in the Room, a band out of Indiana “bound together by blood booze and rails” I believe is how they phrased it. A great band that releases their music for free and has a lo-fi sound rich with texture and depth like a von Gogh.
Coyotes in the Room makes music devoid of commercial influences and it comes through as thoroughly enjoyable session music. Enjoy.

streaming and free download at bandcamp

This is a song from another of their albums


Coyotes in the Room- S/T

“Hailing from the hills of southeastern Indiana, Coyotes in the Room consists of a small core ranging from 18 to 21 years of age, bound together by blood, booze, rails, and billy joels” and “jackin off on ice in a dress”
An eloquent introduction in their own words, here is their self titled first album, Coyotes in the Room. The first song Honey Bunny is a favorite of mine. I’ve been listening to this band almost non-stop since I first heard of them.
They have only been putting out albums since January of last year, but in that short time have put out a volume of quality music and are promising more releases later this year.

Coyotes in the Room- Undress

I found this album over at spacerockmountain,downloaded, started listening to it and totally zoned-out and had listened to the entire album staring at the wall… had to be the music.  Anyway, it’s  Coyotes in the Room, Undress , they’re reminiscent of the better aspects of radio music from the mid-90’s, with a lo fi, psychedelic twist.

Coyotes in the Room- Undress