An Unfortunate Announcement

My dad passed away the other day, a very sad event., I miss him dearly. Taking a brief hiatus from posting, time to gather my thoughts, get the inevitable affairs taken care of and time to recuperate. Dead Meadow’s Old Growth is one of my all time favorite albums and I’ve found myself listening to Between Me And The Ground a lot lately. The lyrics aren’t printed and the listener has to hear the song multiple times to get the gist of it, but it is a psychedelic classic, one of those albums that can easily be left on repeat for days, 99%, enjoy.



Dead Meadow- Warble Womb (2013)

Ok, I’ve been slacking on the posts lately, the speed of life has slowed the pursuit of good new music. However, I’ve been listening to the the latest Dead Meadow almost nonstop since I downloaded it last week. Easily one of my favorite bands I was shocked to realize that they had released a new album in September and I hadn’t noticed until a few days ago.
The Three Kings and Old Growth are both excellent albums, likely Dead Meadow’s strongest albums, making the anticipation difficult to live up to for the following album. Warble Womb has a more mature and refined sound and explores new psychedelic/ stoner territory.
“Is it as good as the last two albums?”
Yes. Bands should evolve, progress. A new album should be new. This is new, possibly the album of the year. Highly recommended, we will still be listening to this twenty years from now, 96%.



Dead Meadow- Three Kings (2010)

Here we have Dead Meadow’s Three Kings, a live album from 2010 and one of my all time favorites. I’ve heard people speak disparagingly about live records, but I honestly don’t understand.
This is an example of everything that is good about live albums with no new songs but a rich sound to their unique version of stoner rock that only comes through on live recordings. The band understood this premise and used it to full effect, this release made me fall in love with Dead Meadow, leaving it on repeat for a day or so at a time, this is a classic in every sense of the word.
I’ve heard them played in mall stores and on commercials lately, which is interesting that the reincarnation of an old DC Indie band from the 90’s has emerged as a mainstream symbol of American “coolness” fifteen years later. Which I find fitting because the same bands and scenes I found enthralling as a teen are now being spoon-fed to a global audience. (However, there are some genres that the world at large needs a few more years to appreicate, such as screamo)
Either way, I suspect that Dead Meadow is going to be like the Rolling Stones for the loser generation. Enjoy.


Dead Meadow- Feathers

Dead Meadow is an all time favorite of mine and there are many things to say about this psychedelic rock band that emerged from the indie scene of D.C. in the late 1990’s, however as I write this I recall what the 90’s were to me… I was “sponsored” by a record shop/ skate shop and life was simplistic and grand.
Not really, however this is an album that came out during what I feel was the golden era of skateboarding and music. It was a time when “skateboarders” and “punk rockers” were small, close-knit communities of badly dressed kids whose parents hoped age would mature us…
Anyway, I haven’t matured a ducking bit (obviously), and… I don’t know what else. I’m writing this on Halloween… and the screen goes black as the last inkling if sobriety left me.

download feathers


Dead Meadows S/T (2001)

Here again we have Dead Meadow with their self-titled album. This original album has a less refined sound than later albums, but it has such a mellow, stoner and almost jam session sound to it that I would rank it as my second favorite among their albums. In fact, iTunes informs me that I have listened to this album more than three dozen times in the past year and a half, so it is a very listenable album.


Dead Meadow- Old Growth

Dead Meadow is a stoner/ psychedelic band formed in 1998 out of Washington DC indie scene. Their second album, Dead Meadow leans towards the neo-psychedelic spectrum. Over time and with member changes the band’s sound has evolved to the point where it is so unique as to sit outside of any genre label. Old Growth is the best example of this, without the slightly over-produced sound that The Three Kings has, even though it is a live album. Perhaps in the effort to clean up the sound too much was edited out losing some of the feel and depth so present in Old Growth .
While Old Growth is my favorite among their albums, they have not released anything that I would call bad or even average, so I will be posting some of their other albums in the future.
Also, the orginal drummer left the band to begin a career in law… it took the poor guy eight years to realize that was a mistake and he rejoined the band in 2010.
Sorry for the rapidshare links, I know they’re slow, but Mediafire has shut down seemingly every blogger’s account making it more difficult to find music for the time being.
dl old growth