Dawn- Slaughtersun (1998)

Album reviews of 99% are gross exaggerations. Almost always. Going to Metallum for evidence I stop at the first review, utterly amazed.
Slaughtersun is definitely in the top 1% of all metal albums. Dawn is Swedish blackened-death metal and Slaughtersun came out in 1998 back when death and black metal were genres with well defined parameters. Yes, Metallum labels them as “melodic black metal and death metal”. That is wrong. Blackened-Death is a distinct sub-genre.

Back in 1998 there were two restrooms, male and female, no family restrooms. Trans-gender and gender-identity were not common terms and Black Metal had screeched vocals and tremolo riffs. That was not considered “melodic black metal”, it was just black metal. The change in terminology and labels does not help, it just makes everything more confusing. In the years since this album the black metal sound has been more thoroughly explored which explains the change in nomenclature. However, Slaughtersun is still blackened-death metal.

And what an example it is, a friend of mine played this CD on repeat for three days straight after it came out.


Triumvir Foul- Spritual Bloodshed (2017)

Triumvir Foul is Portland death metal and this album fits squarely into that category. Not much more to say beyond that. The sound is not generic with elements of black metal seeping in along with well blended hints of techinal death. Which comes as a mild surprise because until now I had been under the impression that technical death metal only appealed to people in TDM bands. This album actually incorporates elements of TDM in a manner that doesn’t bore the listener. Overall, it is exactly what one would expect when hearing a description of Portland death metal. Not mind blowing, not generic and very listenable; 89%.


Some homeless musician started screaming and smashed his guitar again the light pole and then stomped off.

Vader- The Darkest Age (1994)

Death metal began in the early 80’s at Lyman High School with Death. There are few bands that can be mentioned in the same breath as them, death metal is a hard sound to pull off and started out as a very small genre. At the same time Possessed and Death were forming in the US Vader was exploring a similar sound in Poland, emerging from behind the Iron Curtain playing serious death metal (not just a novelty band from a communist country).
The Darkest Age is a live album from a show Vader played in Krakow in 1993 and is an excellent representation of early death metal and a must have for any reputable collection, 90%.



Bolt Thrower- The IV Crusade (1992/rereleased 2013)

Good, mid-tempo death metal from Coventry, England. First formed in 1986 and still active, Bolt Thrower encompasses the most listenable aspects of death metal into one appealing package. A classic with epic, catchy riffs, growled vocals along with extraordinary drumming, this is one of my all time favorite albums. Bolt Thrower has never failed to impress me, and it is impressive for an album to still be relevant enough to reissue more than twenty years later, highly recommended, 90%.

dl #2


Finnish Death Metal: Belial- Wisdom of Darkness (1992)

Time for another round of the Random Tag Game! Today it’s “Finnish Death Metal” which has yielded Belial and a monstrous work of Blackened Death. Back in 1992 Black Metal hadn’t yet crystallized as a genre, it was growing out of death metal circles and this album captures that moment beautifully, with great blast beats and growled vocals, a stellar EP from a little known band; 92%.
Apparently they went in a somewhat mainstream direction later in the band’s career according to this Metallum review, but this release is defiantly quality.



Vital Remains- Dechristianize (2003)

Sorry about last week’s lack of a Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday post, I was slacking, but there will be one this Wednesday. Also, this is the beginning of Leroy Pics, which is pretty self explanatory, as Leroy is my dog.
Vital Remains is an act from Rhode Island playing quality death metal. Excellent death metal actually, but it is way too early (8 am) to be listening to metal, drowsy and half awake. Good death metal, but the production leaves it sounding a bit flat. The drummer is astounding, partially carrying this album because without his talent this could easily have sounded like cheese-death metal. The vocals are good, but not overly noteworthy, the guitar solos are too much, the songs and album are too long and turn what could have been a good album into a weak, drawn-out album, 78%.


More reviews- Metallum Reviews


Digital Downloads and Avulsed- Goresplattered Suicide (2005)

The music industry has undergone drastic changes over the last twenty years the Internet has taken much of the momentum away from large music labels and placed it in the hands of the musicians themselves, in large part because of advents such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Mediafire and Megaupload.
This changes the dynamics but many musicians still fail to grasp that there are still remnants of the Big Bang reverberating throughout the universe; Sound is not a commodity, thus selling it has to involve a product as well, such as a record or CD, or in the case of iTunes, permeant cloud storage for music player.
Musicians, overall, have made their money by playing music (i.e. shows) and by selling products (CDs, records, tapes, shirts, posters, etc). This isn’t my opinion or something I am making up, it is plain fact. Yes, I am aware of the exceptions and they don’t count because they are exceptions- every week people win the lotto and get struck by lightening but that doesn’t mean these things happen to everyone or even the majority of the population.
That said, here we have Avulsed’s Goresplattered Suicide from 2005, and the band’s feelings on digital downloads-
“When you buy any of our songs, money will go directly to AVULSED, without intermediaries, and will be collected to help on the recording of our upcoming album.
Why downloading it illegally if for only 1 EUR you can get it at maximum quality and supporting the band?? ”
Answer: Fine, don’t download it and don’t listen them, don’t become a fan and buy their merchandise or go to see them at festivals.
Better yet, how about touring and building a fan base rather than sitting at home in front of the computer?
This is the stereo typical over-produced, modern death metal album with the mandatory nod towards technical death, a salute to traditional Doom, is way to clean and the generic death metal release, nothing special. That and their tirade about a goddamn digital fucking download probably ensures that if I ever have a chance to see them play, I won’t, much less buy any of their merchandise.
Defiantly a “B” quality album combined with an abrasive attitude towards potential fans, 60%. About the only positive thing I can observe is that despite their attitude they might be a good act live.


Coffin Dust- Ancient Rites of Buried Evil (2011)

Coffin Dust is out of Philly playing old school styled death metal. There isn’t a whole lot out there about them, but they play some really good death metal. I’ve found myself listening to this album every day, highly recommended, 91%.

Driving around Orlando one will see some truly weird things, I don’t know if it is the humidity or what, but this town breeds weirdness. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to see a 200 pound lesbian driving a motorcycle with a spoiler, while wearing a chrome Pickelhaube helmet.


Morbid- December Moon (1987)

Morbid was a blackened death/ thrash band from Sweden, formed in 1985 by
Dead, yes the same Dead who later joined Mayhem, who was also commented suicide with the note that read “Sorry about the mess” and was forever immortalized by the album cover Dawn of the Black Hearts.
This is classic in so far as it being Dead’s original band and that it showcases early Swedish death/thrash/black metal (1987), defiantly one for the collection, 89%.

shady dl link

Also here is a YouTube video of Year of the Goat which is a complation of all their work.


Random Tag Game; Abysmal Dawn- Leveling the Plane of Existance (2011)

Here again is the random tag game. Today we have Abysmal Dawn; this is why people hate technical death metal. Hailing from Los Angeles and often compared to Morbid Angel… honestly, this album comes across as a record label photo-copy of MA targeting fans “of the technical death metal genre of music”;

To: Record Label Executive
Subject: Technical Death Metal

Dear Mr Hooknose, our corporation has been ignoring the technical death metal market, we need a band to capture our rightful corner of this market. I suggest name that is dark and vague, with cover art that attracts those young at heart. For songs, we will use new software called MoTown to Metal to convert old Stevie Wonder songs into guitar riffs and then play them at four times the original speed with lyrics about death, dying and spaceships.

Not trying to be mean, but that’s how it appears to me. Wow, iTunes Roulette came up with a doosie this time. 65% (only because I like Stevie Wonder)