Coffins- Mortuary in Darkness (2005)

Here we have Coffins hailing from Tokyo playing down-tuned, sludgy, slow-death/ funeral doom.
Mortuary in Darkness is an excellent album that doesn’t sit squarely in one genre, it explores the blurred territory between funeral and death metal. They avoid the pitfall of playing so slowly that the songs become painfully long, which turns many people away from funeral doom. The death metal influences are almost as strong as the former, with growled vocals that don’t overwhelm the songs making the entire album quite listenable. This release was nine years in the making, so it is a touch long, but I rate it at 92%.


Recently Ria brought over a couple of old Nutty Cock & Nuts Sodomy ‘zines she had stashed somewhere, so I’m going to share these also, piece-meal, over the next few weeks.
Ria put it well; “Wow, he [Das But] is really demented.”
So don’t say you haven’t been warned.


The Day of the Downloads

Today, is The Day of the Downloads!!!!! I documented the albums that I recently downloaded, where I found them and attached a stupid name to it (thus a new section of posts is born).

The first download is Aaron and the Burr’s, instrumental beach rock played fast. Very good, and available for free download on Bandcamp. Highly recommended.
Aaron and the Burrs post on SpaceRockMountain.

Here we have Burning Motherfuckers, a two piece out of Oslo Norway which I saw on weedtemple . Different, decent and definitely a new approach to the two piece format. Something like jangly, punk/ post-punk influenced desert rock. Pretty good.

Next is Damnation’s Rebel Souls, Polish death metal from 1996 full of blast beats and classic 1990’s death metal riffs from eastern Europe. Defiantly for the death metal fans. An obscure album that luckily for us, was posted by the people at GhostsofSaturn. Downloading music has been demonized, however here is music that would likely have never been heard by any of us had someone not uploaded it. This is such an obscure pressing that it and many others like it, would essentially be lost to history were it not in public cloud storage.

Also, from GhostsofSaturn we have Monlithe III. This is less than grand, more doom metal. Like a single 52 minute track… wow. Too much.
Monolithe III

I’ve listened to the Aaron and the Burrs album at least a dozen times, that’s easily my favorite album of the week, and one of the best releases I’ve heard from this year. And Burning Motherfuckers I would label as the most creative and still listenable album I’ve heard this year.
Those are some of the blogs I look at and all three of them mentioned are consistent about posting quality music.


Darkthrone- A New Dimension (1988)

Everyone says how Darkthrone used to be good, and now they suck and bla, bla, bla… So I found one of their demo tapes from 1988 in order to put that theory to the test.
Darkthrone started out as a death metal band and progressed into black metal during the early days of the scene in Norway and then progressed onward from there over the years. A two man band consisting of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, both of whom have been involved in numerous side-projects, but Darkthrone has remained their main band over the years. Reading the reviews on Metallum it is obvious that no one want to say good things about them anymore because they are so popular and commercial and their sound has evolved over time.
Now that the background has been set for a review of this demo, I can confidently say that it’s Darkthrone. Peroid. True, this demo is more death metal, and was recorded before “true” black metal. However it is defiantly Darkthrone, catchy, slightly jerky, dark, and this demo is entirely instrumental.
I like it, it has the raw, less refined sound that is typical of many demos, and while in recent years they have put out a few questionable songs, but what band hasn’t that has been around twenty-five years? This is not Darkthrone’s strongest recording, but it is good (and a demo) and I would give it a score of 90%. This is an excellent introduction to death and black metal and Darkthrone; a classic.


For the locals who are tired of being endlessly harassed;


The Dead of Winter split (2012)

This is one of 2012’s best splits, in a year of mediocre releases this stands out like a shining gem of new, old school styled death metal. Yes, I’ve already heard the derogatory things said about the new wave of bands playing death in this style, and I don’t care. Neither band is rehashing old music or copying an older band’s sound or style so I’m not sweating it.
Undergang is the perfect example of what I’m talking about; A three piece out of Copenhagen, Denmark that sound like they went to Lyman High School with Death back in the mid-1980’s, playing some of the absolute best death metal I’ve ever heard.
Funebrarum is out of New Jersey and play death that I enjoy almost as much as Undergang, they’ve been around since 1999 but I don’t know too much else about them, so I will do a post about them alone at a later date, since they’ve been around for a while I feel compelled to find out and download more of their stuff.
Anyway this was released back in February and I’d ment to listen to it and had totally forgotten until this morning. Enjoy. Well, if you like death metal. If you don’t like death metal then you’ll likely hate this and turn on the radio and listen to what Corporate America considers music.

download the split

Cannabis Corpse- Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shall Rise (2011)

Cannabis Corpse is the side project of some dork from Municipal Waste, it is Cannibal Corpse styled death metal, with stoner themes instead. Kinda sorta a creative cover(ish) band. This is their fourth album, and still pretty good, though I think their first, Blasted at Birth is still the best, enjoy.
Cannabis Corpse@bandcamp

Cannibal Corpse- Kill (2006)

Cannibal Corpse is one of the oldest acts in Death Metal and this 2006 release displays why this is the band that brought death metal into the main stream. Death created the genre but Cannibal Corpse is death metal.
That said, Corpse Grinder is a fart-sniffer and I will never go see them again because the last time I saw them play he cried about the cigarette smoke… For real??!!! It’s DEATH metal!! (No, I don’t smoke)


Cannibal Corpse@MySpace