The Human Chair 人間椅子


The story begins with a young author opening her mail. She reads a letter confessing to horrible crimes. The band is Japanese as well and a stunning example of Doom.

The Human Chair (Niggen-Isu; 人間椅子) is a short story by a Japanese author that was originally published in 1925. The doom/ heavy metal band formed in 1989 and is still playing. They were actually touring in Europe earlier this year before the Corona Virus shut the entire world down like an old computer.

Niggen-Isu is quintessentially Japanese and the quintessential Heavy/Doom Metal band all at the same time. The story, the band’s namesake, is an intriguing short story about a short story. Both the literary work and the band Niggen-Isu come highly recommended.


DL [monolith] More!

Streaming Sunday- Saint Vitus (1984)

Saint Vitus is the only old doom band I really dig. Oddly enough, it was another band doing a Saint Vitus cover that got me interested in them enough to give them a second listen, but they are great. The guitar riffs are epic and the vocals catchy and fun. These are the type of songs that get stuck in your head easily and bring a smile to the face when they come on.
Originally I was turned off by what seemed like Sabbath worship, but this is also a landmark album for the genre of Doom, so I reserve judgment. Either way, this is an excellent album and highly listenable, 95%.

Besides for their self titled album there are many more available streaming and for download, so here’s one from Bandcamp also, making this a double Streaming Sunday.

dl S/T 1984

Dl the walking dead


Judd Madden- Glacial

Judd Madden is an instrumental solo project out of Melbourne, Australia playing stoner doom low and slow. Stoner metal is a genre that has been well explored and full of cover-bands-with-different-lyrics, so it is a pleasant surprise to come across such a listenable album. The sound is thick and rich, so layered and enveloping that it almost has a soundscape nature. Excellent music for the background, though a bit too long and a touch too epic, 86%.



Random Download Game; Penance- Bridges to Burn (1998)

It’s time for the Random Download Game! This has yielded some truely great finds such as Tortoise and Baby Woodrose among others, however, this is not one of those days. A demo released back in 1998 that seems to have taken the crappy influences of that decade and crammed them all into one big pile, kinda like cleaning out a horse stall.
Wretched is the only way to explain it. This is some sort of Butt-Rock hybred and these guys had eyebrow piercings, I’m sure. The riffs are generic and basic, the vocalist is the same, almost a cover band of radio rock. He talks about his “pain” way too much, this is crap doom, 55%.


I wasn’t able to find a YouTube video of any of the songs on this demo, but I did manage to find another of their songs which isn’t quite as bad, but gives a good idea of the sound that the demo has;


Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer: Towers (1998)

Past members of Sunn O))) and both their current members played with Burning Witch, so I assumed it would be good, Metallum rated it as 92% and I was thinking it would be a good album to check out, but I ended up disappointed. This album incorporates the exact aspects of doom and sludge that I don’t like. Hard to precisely describe, but the early doom and sludge has qualities akin to radio butt-rock; the vocals are too passionate and the guitar riffs are more down tuned than truly heavy. Honestly, I think people are more into Sunn O))) and this album floats around that fame like a piece of driftwood in the surf, 65%.

shady dl link, only one I could find



SUNN O)))- CroMonolithic remixes for an Iron Age (2004)

CroMonolithic remixes for an Iron Age is epic, classic Sunn O))) at it’s finest. An EP of dark, low and brooding guitar and bass, slow and down-tuned, while defiantly mood music this release still rates a solid 82%, Sunn O))) has a definite appeal that most people could appreciate if listened to in the proper setting, such as a rainy afternoon session.

Sunn O))) on bandcamp

Their photos are so epic I had to use this one that was on Last FM


The Day of the Downloads

Today, is The Day of the Downloads!!!!! I documented the albums that I recently downloaded, where I found them and attached a stupid name to it (thus a new section of posts is born).

The first download is Aaron and the Burr’s, instrumental beach rock played fast. Very good, and available for free download on Bandcamp. Highly recommended.
Aaron and the Burrs post on SpaceRockMountain.

Here we have Burning Motherfuckers, a two piece out of Oslo Norway which I saw on weedtemple . Different, decent and definitely a new approach to the two piece format. Something like jangly, punk/ post-punk influenced desert rock. Pretty good.

Next is Damnation’s Rebel Souls, Polish death metal from 1996 full of blast beats and classic 1990’s death metal riffs from eastern Europe. Defiantly for the death metal fans. An obscure album that luckily for us, was posted by the people at GhostsofSaturn. Downloading music has been demonized, however here is music that would likely have never been heard by any of us had someone not uploaded it. This is such an obscure pressing that it and many others like it, would essentially be lost to history were it not in public cloud storage.

Also, from GhostsofSaturn we have Monlithe III. This is less than grand, more doom metal. Like a single 52 minute track… wow. Too much.
Monolithe III

I’ve listened to the Aaron and the Burrs album at least a dozen times, that’s easily my favorite album of the week, and one of the best releases I’ve heard from this year. And Burning Motherfuckers I would label as the most creative and still listenable album I’ve heard this year.
Those are some of the blogs I look at and all three of them mentioned are consistent about posting quality music.