Stone of the Swamp is a blog about the music and people of Orlando. A week ago some Islamic fuck attacked our city targeting a large group of unarmed Floridians. Orlando is a cool town and while we mourn our losses, the City Beautiful is not being cowed by terrorism. I am proud to report to the world that Friday afternoon got started in good style and fashion with Central Floridians getting back to the normal weekend ritual, which is mainly getting drunk and high out in this exquisite Florida weather. The Hideaway and Wally’s still opened at 7 am for Floridians too eager and exuberant to wait until noon to show their resilience to terror.
Orlando hasn’t changed, and won’t. This is a great town and always will be, the only difference being that we have reverted back to our culture of the 80’s when almost everyone had a deer rifle in the trunk or toolbox, sitting next to the fishing rod, cooler and warm beers.

This Myrrors album is the soundtrack for staring at the space between the wall and one’s self. Psychedelic/ krautrock from Arizona. Perfect for the afternoon session, 91%.

Lake Ivanhoe in the city beautiful, Orlando, Florida. This is still our city.

Boris- Noise (2014)

Time again for Streaming Sunday! Stewing music for the Sunday. But, there is so much horrible music out there. Some of the shit is so bad I’m amazed multiple people considered it good enough to post on the internet, or even listen to a second time. I’m going to start doing posts about the crappiest bands since they’re so much easier to find. But that is for another day, today is Streaming Sunday, so I’ll have search for some good music. Trying the term Japan, the Japanese normally have good taste in music and first band that pops up is Boris. Finally! Something that will be at least decent.
Boris is a Japanese experimental/ alternative band, different, but defiantly a should hear band.
The song Angel is easily my favorite of the album at eighteen minutes long and it has a dreamy, droney, experimental tone to it with a mellow alternative undertone to it. Really, a great example of Boris as a band, recommended.
Waves are good so I’m outta here.


Streaming Sunday; The Space Spectrun- The Red Eyed Queen (2013)

Today’s Streaming Sunday features The Space Spectrum, playing long, droney, engulfing space rock. In their own words, “The Space Spectrum is a space/drone/kraut collective from Rendsburg, Germany” (Bandcamp) . Perfect soundtrack for the lazy Sunday, basically the musical version of a gravity rip… Two tracks, 36 minutes, instrumental… so chill it would be blasphemous to listen to this at work, 90%, enjoy.


Streaming Sunday; Space Bats, Attack!- EP1 (2013)

Sunday is the day to relax, hit the gravity, veg out, stream music and look at random crap on the internet. Maybe hit up the Farmers Market and take a bike ride, but something chill. The feng shui of the day demands a mellow and relaxing soundtrack so today we have Space Bats, Attack! a three piece out of New Zealand playing moody experimental rock. Maybe experimental isn’t the best tag for these guys, but they don’t easily fall into any other genre. The first song starts out with a surf rock riff, then goes on to a psychedelic twang and from there dances between different sounds in a relaxing a moody four song EP. A unique sound, highly recommended, 90%, enjoy.


The Cosmic Dead- Psychonaut (2011)

Recently I came across the Cosmic Dead, a Glasgow quartet playing droney, psychedelic, instrumental space rock… Twangy guitar riffs and a deep soundscape that blends instruments and riffs into a smooth psychedelic flow. Great session music, 90%, highly recommended as a “should hear” album.


Bong- … Yet Another Dose (2013)

New Bong. Enjoy. Well sorta new. Jams that didn’t make the cut for their next album, they released these out takes last month. Either way, Bong is a new notable band out of the UK playing psychedelic stoner/drone. Absolutely killer band, great session music. I never really “got” hookah sessions until I heard this band, that’s how psych they are.
Instrumental, droning and heavy, they are one of the reasons why I want to make it to the Roadburn festival… But I also keep meaning to make it to the Emerald Cup yet never do, so I am likely just talking shit here. Anyway, I rate this release at 85%, because while good music from a great band, it is apparent that this isn’t quite perfection.

iTunes Roulette; Boris- Pink (2005)

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday for Relationship Advice Wednesday, I got bogged down at work and didn’t have time to complete it, so it has been delayed a week. My apologies, I know everyone looks forward to my tirades on Wednesdays.
Onwards to iTunes Roulette, this week the ball lands on Boris and their album Pink. This album is on my iTunes because I got it from my friend M, and I’ve never really listened to them much for whatever reason, however, they came up on Roulette and here we are. Boris is almost unknown to me so I am relying on Wiki for information on this one.
An experimental rock/sludge/doom/drone/psychedelic that arose out of the Tokyo punk/underground scene of the early 90’s, which doesn’t do them justice, and neither do the mediocre bios on YouTube and LastFM and Bandcamp…
The best way to explain is to liken their sound to a hot-knife session during trim season, in the valley; Really good if you are in the mood for it and have nothing pressing to do with your time. If in a rush, this band with their meandering songs and a style floating across genres can be maddening, which is why I haven’t gotten into them before. In true iTunes Roulette spirit though I am starting to dig this band and rate this album at 82%



Bowery Electric- Beat (1996)

Bowery Electric is described as “drone rock” by YouTube and post rock, drone and shoegaze by Wiki, which also noted that this was one of the first American bands to perform with a labtop on stage along with the bass, drums and guitars.
Mellow chill music that fits a rainy afternoon well, I agree with the drone rock classification, with a tasteful mix of electronica, soft vocals and drone-styled songs.
Yet again this is a random tag selection that I am just now discovering and yet again the all knowing internet turned me on to some good music I’d never heard of before.