Opium Eyes of Nico- Dronecaine (2015)

Opium Eyes of Nico is a Russian drone group with Dronecaine being their freshman album. Drone is a hard sound to pull off, but these guys manage it beautifully with artful and spacey play between sitar and guitar. Defiantly a good album, it’s a little too long, too clean and the vocals are a little too loud, but overall this is great session drone, 89%.


Wardruna- Runaljod (2013)

Spacecakes brought up the band Wardruna the other day. Norwegian drone, they also make the music for the show Vikings (they were a group well before the series). Each of their albums interprets eight runes of the Elder Futhark, the ancient runic alphabet. Their instruments are made out of the bones and hides of animals from the forests of Norway and the recordings are done outdoors at locations relevant to the runes the songs depict. They even played a show in front of the Gokstad ship. Their sound is so epic that my dog sings along.
Runaljod, is the second album of a planned trilogy, fully as good as their first, and really, kind of mind blowing, 96%. There is so much to this band that a second post is needed to explain what the music is conveying, so next week I’ll visit their freshman album. Enjoy.

dl 2013


Dark Buddha Rising- Dakhmandal (2014)

Happy new year! If you’re reading this you made it though 2014, congratulations. That was a hell of a year, death of a parent and divorced, my ex-sister in law tried to burn down grandma’s house, with grandma in it (101 proof Wild Turkey). Needless to say I’m hyped it’s January and a new year. A new year with low gas prices! Three cheers for fracking! Hopefully $2.20/gallon gas prices will inspire good new music for 2015.
For the first Streaming Sunday of the year we have Dark Buddha Rising. This post started out as a shot in the dark over a month ago and has been in sitting on the back burner since. I’ve been reading about DBR everywhere lately and it seems they’re one of the most unknown-known bands at the moment. A Finnish band with virtually no information availed, they formed around 2007 and play low ambient, psychedelic/doom, with rumbling vocals combined with a notable jazz influence. And the drums. The drums are an erie and constant canvas that the songs to play against, guiding he listener through a drone/doom masterpiece, highly recommended, 90%.


Random Tag Game; Popetentacle- Spirit of Yod (2012)

It’s time for the Random Tag Game again! Today’s selection seems to be … Which I have no recollection of other than it’s been hanging around as a skeleton post for months. Pope Tentacle? Is that a slang term for what the alter boys aren’t supposed to talk about? Whatevesies, I’ll investigate and report.
Ok, this is some cool stuff. I thought it’d be a dud, but it is really good synth with eastern leanings. Experimental and Drone are the tags on it And there is no information on these guys. Like none. Not even on Last FM.
Which is real cool. Let the music speak for itself. 88%



Fluorescent Heights- Vendetta in Paradise (2013)

Fluorescent Heights is an ambient/drone solo-project hailing from Sweden, this is music Blaine whales would make if they had synthesizers. CCRR responded that that’s why they should go extinct.
Canoeing the deep Rivers mellow synthesizer qualities prompted me to notice that this song had sparkles, CCRR, who is in hell listening to this, dryly responded that it isn’t sparkles but chimes.
This is weird ambient drone, the use of synthesizers is a bit too heavy handed on this release, actually, I couldn’t make it through the whole album. it’s too much, not even codeine could make this an “A” album, only recommended if you are prescribed lithium, though, so experimental that it’s good for a few laughs, thus saving it from an absolutely failing grade, 55%


Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer: Towers (1998)

Past members of Sunn O))) and both their current members played with Burning Witch, so I assumed it would be good, Metallum rated it as 92% and I was thinking it would be a good album to check out, but I ended up disappointed. This album incorporates the exact aspects of doom and sludge that I don’t like. Hard to precisely describe, but the early doom and sludge has qualities akin to radio butt-rock; the vocals are too passionate and the guitar riffs are more down tuned than truly heavy. Honestly, I think people are more into Sunn O))) and this album floats around that fame like a piece of driftwood in the surf, 65%.

shady dl link, only one I could find



SUNN O)))- CroMonolithic remixes for an Iron Age (2004)

CroMonolithic remixes for an Iron Age is epic, classic Sunn O))) at it’s finest. An EP of dark, low and brooding guitar and bass, slow and down-tuned, while defiantly mood music this release still rates a solid 82%, Sunn O))) has a definite appeal that most people could appreciate if listened to in the proper setting, such as a rainy afternoon session.

Sunn O))) on bandcamp

Their photos are so epic I had to use this one that was on Last FM