Luo- Imprints (2013)

Cup of coffee, a kif bowl and this album makes for a pleasant way to ease into the morning. I don’t normally dig electronica but this EP has a special appeal that, along with the unusually foggy weather creates the ambience of a psychedelic dream. An “experimental solo producer and live 4- piece based in Brighton, UK” with a dreamscape/ psychedelic soundtrack that is excellent for driving through the great outdoors, 87%.



Emeralds- Does It Look Like I’m Here? (2010)

Here again we have a group that everyone seems to be talking about, Emeralds, playing… damn it, it pains me to say it but, they play pretty good… electronic music… there I said it.
M recommended them to me a couple of weeks ago, the first song that comes up on YouTube sucks, and so does the second. I eventually came to this song and it got me interested in the rest if the album which is pretty good, even if it is electronic. M described them as a band he listens to when he isn’t feeling metal, which is an excellent introduction to them.
As I write this I am up at Corporate America Bar & Grill with The Butt Pirate playing the standard Top 100 Hits cover songs. I don’t get why everyone wants to listen to the same 100 songs several thousand times. I will play the shit out of a few songs, but I have over 36,000 on iTunes alone. I like new music, I can’t deal with the same songs over and over again at the same time of day, EVERY, SINGLE, DAY (like the radio stations in Orlando). I must have heard that fucking Chili Peppers song ten thousand ducking times in my life! The first few hundred I was digging it, but now…
Anyway, what I am trying to say besides for “I’m drunk”, is that this is a new band for most people reading this and it is decent enough to listen to a few times… That is unless you want to hear another Nirvana cover sung by some dip-shit who never moved out of his mom’s house.