Burzum- Belus (2010)

This is Burzum’s first album after being released from prison and is unbelievable. It has been called the best metal album of the past decade by more than a few people.
Best Metal album, not even limiting it to Black Metal, is a pretty strong statement. Normally, I would try and refute such an obviously absurd statement, however, I can not readily think of another metal album that is as good as this, not even Ride the Lightening.
Yes, I dared to say it. Burzum is better than Metallica. Yes, Varg’s crazy ass playing all instruments, blows Metallica totally, utterly, and completely, out of the water. This one album makes Metallica and their entire discography look like the BS-Corporate-America-Metal that it really is.
This album is about the Norwegian Sun god, Baldr, and his daily trek across the sky. Belus is one if the oldest names for this god. Originally the album was to be entitled “The White God”, however, that name was deemed to be politically incorrect.



Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of Grateful Dead (1974)

Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of Grateful Dead is an absolute must for any music collection. I am posting it today for anyone who doesn’t currently have this album.
Yes, I know I just posted a Grateful Dead album, but that was live and this is studio… and I really like the Grateful Dead.



Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Female Hobbies and Dissection- Storm of the Light’s Bane

For those who haven’t noticed, women don’t really have hobbies, not the way guys do anyway. Males have hobbies to relax and as a distraction from the rest of the day.
Most women don’t have hobbies and most of those that do are lesbians looking to play the “Who Can Find Charlie Tuna?” game with other weird looking lesbians, which is one of the four hobbies women have;
1. Sex
2. Children
3. Shopping/spending money
4. Torturing husband/boyfriend

The first two on the list are predetermined by nature for the continuation of the species, and the second two explain the expression “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”
Men can handle down-time, we find hobbies, it’s women who can’t deal with a spare moment.
If a woman has an idle moment, instantly the female mind becomes convinced something is wrong and looks for something to buy to alleviate the discomfort (Female Hobby #3).
Now if the female can go shopping unhindered everything will be fine (thus why that Trump brat is always so nice in interviews; she can shop as much as she wants).
Female Hobby #4 comes into play when the children get older, play by themselves and the credit cards get maxed out.
No children, no shopping, the only function of the female mind left is to uncover every conceivable reason why their husband/boyfriend is an asshole.
Armed with this knowledge men can defend themselves… well, not really. It is more like a chess game where the king avoids smiling around the queen.
Seriously, if a wife is idle and sees that her husband is also, the female mind will occupy itself with the problem of the idle husband…
Obviously he needs something to do or he’s an asshole.

Dissection is Swedish Blackened-Death metal and this is easily one of my favorite albums of all time and a black metal classic. This album is a snap-shot of the Black Metal scene in 1995, the riffs the cleaner production and the movement towards a symphonic sound layered on top of underlying death metal influences, building towards the Blackened-Thrash sound that is currently in vogue.
The band has split up due to the guitarist/vocalist deciding that he had accomplished enough;

Jon Nödtveidt (aged 31) shot and killed himself on August 16th, 2006. Swedish police found him in his apartment inside a circle of lit candles. It is believed that he killed himself because he felt he had achieved all that he could/was meant to in this life. According to some who actually knew him this was probably planned ever since he got out of jail.

The band first disbanded due to Jon Nödtveidt‘s accomplice to murder conviction. He was serving time in prison since 1997 until early 2004 and then reactivated the band.” (metallum)

download Storm of the Light’s Bane

Favorite 100 Albums; Ska Island (compilation) (1997)

Ska Island (1997), I remember Meric and I both bought this album at Peaches the week it came out. It brings back fond memories of high school, if there are such things assoicated with Lyman High School (Death went to school there also,that school is so shitty that it helped inspire death metal).
It is a compilation, and the first time I had ever hear Prince Buster. Oceans 11 track is good too, in fact the whole album is a put-on-repeat-and-leave.

download Ska Island

Bongzilla- Gateway (2002) and introducing the Favorite 100 Albums category

Gateway is probably Bongzilla’s best album, one of my all-time favorites, and as I write this I am thinking that if I had a list of my favorite 100 albums this would definitely be near the top.
So this will be the beginning of a new category of posts; Favorite 100 Albums. I’m not going to go back and add past albums to the list for the sake of convenience, though there are some past posts that would defiantly have made the list, such as the Skatalites, Eastern Standard Time and Bongripper’s Great Barrier Reefer .
This segment will be posted on every date that the day ends in a “1”, so the next favorite 100 Album post will be on the 21st. Why? I don’t know, just because.
Gateway is close to a perfect definition of stoner metal; Down-tuned, heavy, sludge and doom influenced, with screamed vocals borrowed from black metal, it is an album that can be left on repeat for days blending new with the familiar.

download Gateway