Festival recon, Roadburn, part 1

Music festivals pose a problem. They are far away from the recliner. I have to get up, put on shoes and then I still have to find a bag when I get there. Then half the bands are going to blow anyway. A daunting proposition involving a lot of effort and movement for an uncertain result.

Initially there was the idea of attending the Maryland Deathfest which is supposed to be the best metal festival in North America. However, Maryland in late May holds the promise of sweating profusely, slight dehydration and jock-ich. Maryland is infested with Yankees as well, so scratch that idea.

Roadburn would be next on the list, mainly a stoner and psychedelic rock festival with a few metal acts thrown in for good measure. A five day event held during April in Tilburg, Netherland with an average day time high of 58 degrees. It sounds more reasonable than deathfest. The plane ride is a deterrent, but Sleep is playing multiple sets and that is compelling.

The 2018 Roadburn line-up was stellar and I honestly regret not going. Greenmachine, Bell Witch, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor played among many other notables. This year there were a lot of questionable acts playing. But questionable does not mean bad per se, so this bears further investigation.

Festivals really do pose an enigma because no one wants to spend a couple of grand just to see crappy bands play. Can stay home and do that. The promise of seeing a handful of stellar acts all at the same venue is quite tempting as well too. Next post I will investigate some of the acts that played at Roadburn this year and in the last compare my conclusions with those of someone who attended.

The old British fort, NSB