Ghost Drone, people-eaters- Imprecate (2013)

A beautiful fall day here in Central Florida, breezy, sunny and 80 degrees with low humidity. After five months of putrid heat and humidity the weather has broken at just the moment when everyone was ready to move to the Artic. This is like the first day of spring for the rest of the country. Great day to be alive.
Flipping through an old photo album I find skateboarding pictures from an abandoned go-cart track. In the same manner I found a new genre. Ghost Drone is totally new on me, I just happened across it on a random Bandcamp search. Wiki doesn’t have a definition, though it seems tagged often with dark ambient.

Ok, that was stupid of me to wonder what that was going to sound like. I am pretty sure that is what I am going to hear when I die. Not as I am dying, but what I hear when I’m actually dead… Erie, low, creepy drone. If ghosts were to make drone, I think this is how it would sound. Actually, I want to call this a classic Ghost Drone album because I can’t imagine a more Ghost Drone album than this.
As for the actual music, it is hard to quantify slightly less than twenty minutes of low relaxing buzzing… perfect for the drive home after a long week, 81%.

Ghost Drone