Anal Cunt

This has been a week of dealing with insurance adjusters and silly questions, like “How hard did she hit you?” And my favorite, “He hit her pretty hard, but how hard did she hit you after that?” Pretty fucking hard I tell you, but the dollar value is vague on that point I guess.
Besides for my adventures of the vehicular kind I have been at a bit of a loss as what to post, while sitting at the dog park enjoying the splendid weather of a picturesque central Florida spring it strikes me that Anal Cunt would be the perfect post for today; loud, intense grind core/hardcore with purposely offensive lyrics and short songs full of blast beats.
Wiki provides an decent description of Anal Cunt, but essentially it is the hardcore parallel to G.G. Allin, full of funny lyrics and song titles like “Recycling is Gay”, and more offensive ones. While not my favorite album, it is one for the digital collection and defiantly a “should hear” band, even if it is just be able to claim to hate them. 78%