Horrible Downloads

Anyone can find good bands, but it takes some work to find a really bad bands that have gone through the process of making an album, seemingly oblivious to the utter monstrosity they created. Rather than ignoring the creative works I”ll just make fun of them, and thus a whole new segment is born; Horrible Downloads.

dl #1
Analysis- Bad, like MXPX and Back Street Boys had a Gay-Off.

Analysis- Italian and poor. Italy has better food than music and this is a shining example. This is like the home brew and micro brews beer from Nor Cal; defiantly not the region’s speciality or strong suit… “Yeah guys, it’s great”

dl #3 giant squid
Analysis- really bad; soft rock fused with elevator jazz. +15 both vocalists are trying way too hard, it’s like they were molested as children and feel guilty that they enjoyed it

The next question is how to rate a horrible band, which is actually harder than it sounds. I decided to simply add my ratings of all three bands together with extra points being awarded to the crappiest, 55.