Colors- Unfinished Business (2014)

Stonercore is the type of music J Mascis would play if he smoked pot instead of just being weird and socially uncomfortable. Seriously. Kinda upbeat, soothing song structure, cool guitar riffs, perfect for a rainy afternoon.
So… Colors is a stonercore band. The cover of this release makes them look like some real goons, but trust me, it’s good music. It’s not like I’m asking you to hang out with the dudes. They might be into some of off shit like swordfighting or docking, so I wouldn’t ask that of anyone. But the music is pretty good, ten and a half minutes, instrumental, chill, defiantly a good bandcamp find, 85%.


Dinosaur Jr- Bug (1988)

Wiki claims that Dinosaur Jr is considered alternative, but I would argue that Dinosaur Jr is to alternative what Burzum is to Black Metal; Akin to but not bound to the standardized boundaries of any genre. Honestly, both bands influenced more than they were influenced, which is why Dinosaur Jr is one of those bands that is a requirement for any serious music collection. Although, I feel that I am admitting to a guilty pleasure by posting this. This is an earlier album which is a good introduction to Mascis’s work (Guitar work, he is also Witch’s drummer).