Yosa Buson and the Russian River Experience/ The Antlers of the Midnight Sun (2013)

Yosa Busom and the Russian River Experience out-do themselves on this split, sick, sick lo-fi psychedelic folk/rock.
The second half of this free split, The Antlers of the Midnight Sun is straight psychedelic/garage rock, lo-fi and sounds in-line with the late 60’s… Perhaps a bit too much so, but it is understandable because both are California bands and the Summer of Love still reverberates throughout the Redwood forests of Nor Cal.
Highly recommended and easily one of this year’s best splits. Though the sound is a bit difficult to describe it is quite good and the antithesis of Corporate America Music with a classic lo-fi/garage sound and released for free, 92%.

Yosa Buson and the Russian River Experience / The Antlers of the Midnight Sun


Coyotes in the Room- Love Stuff Cheap Smokes (2012)

Here again we have Coyote in the Room, a band out of Indiana “bound together by blood booze and rails” I believe is how they phrased it. A great band that releases their music for free and has a lo-fi sound rich with texture and depth like a von Gogh.
Coyotes in the Room makes music devoid of commercial influences and it comes through as thoroughly enjoyable session music. Enjoy.

streaming and free download at bandcamp

This is a song from another of their albums