Random Tag Game; Agitated Radio Pilot- The Ebb and Flow of Moonlit Grass (2010)

Agitated Radio Pilot’s The Ebb and Flow of Moonlit Grass… Ok, wow. “Mind-fuck” is the term that describes this album. It’s all over the place taking the listener on a rambling but interesting and relaxing trip. A project that flirts the boarders of psychedelic and ambient and lo fi, I listened to this album almost nonstop for three days after I downloaded it, defiantly a Random Tag winner.
Agitated Radio Pilot is the creation of an Irishman named David Colohan who has been in a bunch of bands that I’ve not heard of but am defiantly going to check out, like Holt, United Bible Studies and The Magical Folk of the Faraway Tree. This songs in this album were written about dude’s time spent backpacking around Australia and the instruments include clap sticks, 5 string banjo, mringdam, lap steel guitar, Hmong tuen flute and mandocello, which are blend together into a relaxed, chill album. Mellow mood music, perfect for the gravity session on a sweltering afternoon, 91%.
And yes, I’ve been slacking again. This last week has been pretty busy and so Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday has been delayed, but will be back next week.




Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; Women’s Need For Change and Old Pagan/ Grausamkeit split (2000)

Women can’t be happy with the status quo. They’re made this way, the way same cats instinctually bury their turds women refuse to accept “the way things are”. No matter what they feel that their surroundings should be changed, “improved”.
During prehistoric times we were all hunter-gathers so women had to constantly seek out sources of food. In modern times, once they get back from the grocery they still have the urge to seek and lack an outlet for this instinctual drive, which is also why women can not put anything back where they found them (they enjoy looking for things).
This love of change is the reason why there are so few successful female entrepreneurs (check it out, only 20% of business with revenue over 1 million dollars are female owned). The number of business owning women is emphasized while the successful part is casually brushed aside. Most of the women are obviously going in circles spending more time changing things than making money.
Honestly, women would have had the right to vote hundreds of years earlier if they just hadn’t kept changing their minds about how to get that right. The reason slaves got the right to vote before women is because men lead that movement and it stayed on track. It is no suprise that a black man became president before a woman.
I am not saying that women’s opinions don’t matter, I’m just saying listening to them is like a sniper using buckshot; some shot will be on target but most are going to miss.

Today we have the Old Pagan/ Grausamkeit split from 2000, both german bands were solo-projects playing fast lo-fi black metal. This release was limited to 166 cassettes (Metallum) and Old Pagan has since been joined by other members, further devolving their sound.
This analog split is one of the first German Black Metal releases that I really enjoy and, refreshingly, a new split that can be termed “true black metal”, 90%.



Ugly Motors

This year seems to have hit a dead spot in terms of good new music, especially metal. I don’t know what the hell happened this year, the picking are pretty slim when it comes to quality albums. Evidently I’m not the only one who feels this way because it seems as if many bloggers are posting less frequently.
Ugly Motors is a surf/garage/ lo-fi rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Found this over at SpaceRockMountian, pretty good album with some old influences obviously heard, but free and quite listenable, 80%.