Swans- Cops (1984)

   Swans is a post-Punk/No Wave band from New York, (1982-1997, 2010-present) and last year is when I first heard about them, some blogger said that they are the band that everyone acts like they have been into for years, and that’s a perfect intro to this band.
Last year everyone (in the dainty on-line blogging world) was talking about them when they reformed and released My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope In The Sky, but honestly I am still unsure weather I like them or not. I picked this album because I had not heard it before.
New-Age Yankee-Yuppie-Noise is the term that comes to mind. I suspect this might have been playing in the background for the start of the AIDS epidemic. The first album Filth is better, but I still feel like I am missing something here.

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