Wreck And Reference- Black Cassette (2011)

Experimental noise/doom from California with psychedelic lo fi influences, I stumbled across this on Bandcamp the other day.
This album has a rich texture and lacks the over-produced, overly clean, sterile sound that record labels generate now. Available for free via Bandcamp, this album has a quality and relaxed sound to it that one normally only hears at practice sessions. Not too experimental and not too doom this is a great release that doesn’t sit squarely in any genre. Good music for traveling and zoning out with headphones in a room full of strangers, not session music or to be listened to in rush hour traffic; it has jangly edges like hardcore and math rock and the last three seconds of the last song imply someone is a fan of screamo. But like I said, good aspects are incorperated into a very listenable album that rates an 86%.

streaming and free download on Bandcamp


Sunn O))) – Rehearsal Demo Nov 11 2011

Sunn O))) put out a new rehearsal demo last year, recorded November 11, 2011. It is their latest offering, good experimental drone/doom and of course there is the weird spoken word introduction.
And, I’m hung over as fuck, YouTube is crapping out and refusing to play this video, my computer is refusing to even acknowledge my Android and honestly I haven’t been able to listen to this demo in its entirety. However, I am assuming there is someone out there who isn’t having alcohol induced technical difficulties and would be hyped to hear this demo, thus I’m posting it anyway. Enjoy.


Sunn O)))- White 1 (2003)

200-some posts and I haven’t touched on Sunn O))) yet, which struck me as odd until I realised that I really haven’t listened to Sunn O))) much and the only albums of theirs I had gotten from M and had never really listened to them much other than on job sites with the iPod on shuffle, which is not the proper setting to enjoy drone/doom, at all.
The Sunn O))) album I picked was White1, a random selection from their mountain of work, which got an average review of 76% from six reviews on Metallum.
This sounds like a crumby introduction, but Sunn O))) is not a band that grabs the listener and the music isn’t made to be perceived that way either.
White1 is almost an hour of super heavy, low and muddy droning riffs pierced with haunting poetry/vocals/weirdness.
It takes a while to get into the mood of the album but once there this is a sick album.
The second time I listened to this I started thinking that this really was a good example of Sunn O))) because this is a mid-way point in the progression of their sound, which the reviews explain with older fans feeling shunned because they seemed to expect a simple regurgitation of older albums, and others are simply not fans of the genre, which is understandable.
This album is an excellent introduction to Sunn O))) and drone/ambient in general, which I love, but it has been an acquired taste.



Secret Birds- In Hex (2012)

Found this over at weedtemple and I’ve been bugging out listening to it at 5:00 in the morning (can’t sleep). It has a deep, rich texture that is absolutely perfect for an early morning session. It is appealing, lo-fi, psychedelic and uses synthesizers.
I am shocked to find myself saying this, but the synthesizers are used masterfully and add a lot to the sound. If you don’t believe me that it is good, check it out streaming down below.


Ufomammut -Oro – Opus Primum (2012)

I saw that this was out the other day over at TheLivingDoorway and he seems more hyped on it than I am.
They are an Italian band that has been around forever, playing their own twisted version of psychedelic space rock, which some songs sound pretty good. Like this first YouTube video, but then there are others like the second video, which is ok, but really sounds like they had a couple too many duster hits while playing that song.
Which is cool and all, don’t get me wrong, I’m not above a duster hit or two, I mean life is about expanding ones horizons, right? But whole songs that are obviously influenced by inhalatants don’t sound good to anyone else. The Grateful Dead already proved this.
Even with a couple of questionable tracks it is still a decent release and one of the few notable albums that have come out this summer.
HERE is another half-assed review and a link to download.


Hoor-paar-Kraat- An Anagram Hyponotic LP (2006)

Hoor-paar-Kraat is my friend’s drone project. He introduced me to blogspots years ago, he would play my friends bands on his radio show on WPRK until he moved away last year.
This is an LP the keeps coming up and one that I have loved since the day I got it… yes, it is drone/noise, but it is really good. Mood-good, not the playlist for a Monday morning commute but a must for a Sunday afternoon hookah session.