Morke/Kristallnacht Split (1997)

Back in the 90’s black metal was still somewhat real. Great albums were coming out every month and with Political Correctness being fashionable National Socialist Black Metal was quarantined to a small and very underground scene in Europe and South America. NSBM labels were based out of Russia and the Deep South. Albums were produced on cassette in small runs making them difficult to find.
Until the era of file sharing. At its zenith one could download any album, in two minutes. CCRR and I would download literally dozens of albums at a time. When we stumbled across NSBM it was a treasure trove of good music we’d never heard and by the end of the afternoon we had several days worth downloaded. And there was a lot of good, 90’s era black metal.
Good music is what this blog is about, not politics and not the odd things musicians say to get attention. That said, this is a good split, check it out, 87%.



Evil- Iron and Thunder (2004)

   Evil is a NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) band from Brazil and was at one time part of the Pagan Front (pagan and nsbm site). Homeboy’s lyrics were so racist that even though he sung in German the government of Brazil kept asking him to stop making music. Now he has a disclaimer on the Evil website distancing himself from political ideology, but seriously, they put out a split this year entitled We Know How to Hate
OK, I don’t want to stifle the genre’s inspiration and creativity by pointing this out, but if you hate someone why are you spending so much of your time thinking about them?
Personally, I detest UF alumni, everything about the fucks from their goddamn gator-chomp (I’ve seen it done at weddings as the bride came down the fucking aisle!), to their “Super-Star” mentality, like God created the world so that University of Florida graduates would have a place to spread their knowledge and goodwill to all of humanity! And they are taught that they own the road and 50.5% of the sidewalk too! Driving anywhere in Gainesville on game-day is akin the what the Mayans forecast for 12/19/2012!
It’s bad, the assholes even made Gatorade so every time they go into a 7-11 it is like a small reminder of their superiority to them! The self-loving fucks don’t think about the explosion of love-bugs all over everyone’s cars though! (Love-bugs are another way UF alumni have shed their light and wisdom upon the world)
I dislike UF alumni so I avoid Gainesville and local bars with a dress-code and I rarely speak of them… it’s not that hard.
Either way I love NSBM because of the raw fury and lo fi primitive recordings that were the trademarks of the genre until the recent flood of Trust-Fund-Baby-NSBM bands whose main source of contention seems to be that they are grossed out by having to share water fountians and bathrooms.
Whatevesies. I like the music.