Peel Sessions continues- 90 day men

Recently I did a post about DJ Johnny Peel and found that he was way too big a personality to cover in just one post, so I decided to embark upon a series of posts based on the artists he recorded over his lengthy career. He recorded so many notable artists that the Wiki page alphabetized the list of them. Someone said that he was basically “the man” in rock music for about a decade. So, using that Wiki list as a roadmap, this is the second post of the Peel session series.
At the top of the list are the 90 day men recorded by Peel back in February of 2001, towards the later part of his career. 90 day men is a math rock band with post-hardcore leanings, admittedly, I hadn’t heard of them before but this live recording of them is pretty good. Their sound is exactly what one would expect from the genre tags though far from being generic. Guitar riffs playing off the drums, appealing and rhythmic, there isn’t much not to love about this live album even with the muddy recording, 90%.

dl 90 day men

90 Day Men Wiki
List of Peel Sessions


DJ Johnny Peel and The Peel Sessions

Happy New Year, the first post of 2014 is starting a new category exploring the Peel Sessions.
DJ Peel was a British disc jockey that was influential in a large number of bands gaining populaity by exposing them to a national/ global audience by way of his radio show (Wiki). The truth of the matter is that I only knew about him because of Dead Meadow’s Peel session album, but as I began composing this post it kept getting delayed because of the massive amount of music associated with him. From the late 70’s through the 2000’s he was one of the most influential people in music, recording bands [normally] in a four song session. I’ll delve deep into DJ Peels work in future posts, but until then here are three Peel Sessions, enjoy.

Dead Meadow, Indian Bones, Peel Sessions


Tools You Can Trust, Peel Session


Half Man Half Biscuit Peel session

Last FM

The Brian Jonestown Massacre Peel session

Last Fm

List of Peel Sessions

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