Show at Will’s and The Experiment

Tonight (8/30/2013) is a two-part post; there was a show at Will’s Pub, but it cost $20 and quite honestly I’m not going to be here for long- It’s Friday, I’m tired and the second part of the post is The Experiment;
The Army special forces soldier who killed 16 Afgan villagers blamed it on snorting Valium and drinking (Check it out here), which I decided to scienticly test this alibet, in the name of science.
I ate some, snorting them is gross, and I have had a few drinks, yet I can honestly say that I don’t feel compelled to kill any villagers.
Dispite how freakish and boring other Orlandoians are, I feel no blood lust, just the need to wash my hands.
Dispite the initial ring of logic I can not uncover any evidence corroberating this claim. In fact, I am a bit more tolerent of the crap blaring from next door.
The show was a flop and the soldier’s defence rates a 10%, so I leave you with a solid Pelican album;


Mono/ Pelican split (2005)

Today’s selection is the Mono/Pelican split from 2005, epic post-rock from Tokyo and Chicago, a classic split if I have ever encountered one. The first song, Ran Amber is classic Pelican and an excellent introduction to the band if one had never heard them before. The second song makes this a collectible in my opinion, the James Plotkin remix of Angel Tears, which is awesome.
The third sound is by Mono, Yearning, which is almost sixteen minutes long and my first introduction to the Tokyo based post-rock quartet. While the song starts off slow, very slow, it picks up and is quite good with a layered, building sound and many different effects and instruments adding to the texture of the song. I am defiantly going to check out their other albums at some point.
Looking on eBay I almost bought the vinyl version of this album, even though I don’t own a record player. This is as exciting a discovery as I could expect out of a split and am quite glad I found it; 90%


Mono’s Wiki article

Pelican – City of Echoes (Live in Los Angeles 2006)

Brooding and building post rock from Chicago, perfect Friday afternoon session music. Instrumental without focus being wasted on lyrics, the music takes the listener on a journey. Pelican is like the Skatalites in the sense that no one really dislikes them. It is nice, unabrasive music that can be left on for a hour without anyone noticing or minding.
The first song on City of Echoes starts out strong and heavy, in contrast to the next two songs, which might explain why I overlooked this album for so long, but it is quite good; 87%



Pelican- Ataraxia/Taraxis

I posted the Pelican self titled EP last week and here is their new EP, Ataraxia/Taraxis, set to be released on April 10. It is very good, better than their last album, What We All Come To Need (2009) and easily one of the best releases this year.
Pelican sits alone, not confined to any genre, possibly because it was started as a side project by the members of the band Tusk (Metallum). It is not obvious worship of any other band or style, no message, just good, heavy music. Ataraxia/Taraxis has the Pelican landscape/epic sound, yet isn’t a remix of earlier albums and songs. Awesome EP.


Pelican- Pelican EP 2001

Pelican is one of my favorite bands of late. Instrumentals only in their earlier albums, the band claims that they couldn’t make vocals fit… I couldn’t agree more. The instrumentals are so strong and epic on this EP that vocals are not needed. A whole story is being told, totally devoid of lyrics that so often ruin good songs.
Pelican is releasing an EP in April so I will ramble more in that post.

Pelican EP 2001