Church of Misery/ Sourvein split (2006)

Split-albums used to be the way underground bands got to “viral” status. Back in the pre-internet days they would introduce band’s fan-base to one another’s. Bands on tour would trade albums and merchandise along the way at different venues and a good show with two or three touring bands would end up becoming a miniature scene record shop for a few hours.

The Church of Misery / Sourvein split is a great example. I am somewhat familiar with Church of Misery. They are a psych/doom/sludge act hailing from Tokyo but are pretty much a European band. They always seem to be playing with some band that I know, like or love. Sourvein, I have “heard of” them, but can’t remember much other than that. Metallum labels them as sludge/doom which is correct.

This the quintessential split because starting out I knew little about either band and after listening to this album I am a fan of both. A sludgy, psychedelicy masterpiece that comes highly recommended 90%.

download and Bandcamp

Dark Buddha Rising- Dakhmandal (2014)

Happy new year! If you’re reading this you made it though 2014, congratulations. That was a hell of a year, death of a parent and divorced, my ex-sister in law tried to burn down grandma’s house, with grandma in it (101 proof Wild Turkey). Needless to say I’m hyped it’s January and a new year. A new year with low gas prices! Three cheers for fracking! Hopefully $2.20/gallon gas prices will inspire good new music for 2015.
For the first Streaming Sunday of the year we have Dark Buddha Rising. This post started out as a shot in the dark over a month ago and has been in sitting on the back burner since. I’ve been reading about DBR everywhere lately and it seems they’re one of the most unknown-known bands at the moment. A Finnish band with virtually no information availed, they formed around 2007 and play low ambient, psychedelic/doom, with rumbling vocals combined with a notable jazz influence. And the drums. The drums are an erie and constant canvas that the songs to play against, guiding he listener through a drone/doom masterpiece, highly recommended, 90%.


iTunes Roulette; Boris- Pink (2005)

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday for Relationship Advice Wednesday, I got bogged down at work and didn’t have time to complete it, so it has been delayed a week. My apologies, I know everyone looks forward to my tirades on Wednesdays.
Onwards to iTunes Roulette, this week the ball lands on Boris and their album Pink. This album is on my iTunes because I got it from my friend M, and I’ve never really listened to them much for whatever reason, however, they came up on Roulette and here we are. Boris is almost unknown to me so I am relying on Wiki for information on this one.
An experimental rock/sludge/doom/drone/psychedelic that arose out of the Tokyo punk/underground scene of the early 90’s, which doesn’t do them justice, and neither do the mediocre bios on YouTube and LastFM and Bandcamp…
The best way to explain is to liken their sound to a hot-knife session during trim season, in the valley; Really good if you are in the mood for it and have nothing pressing to do with your time. If in a rush, this band with their meandering songs and a style floating across genres can be maddening, which is why I haven’t gotten into them before. In true iTunes Roulette spirit though I am starting to dig this band and rate this album at 82%



Sunn O))) – Rehearsal Demo Nov 11 2011

Sunn O))) put out a new rehearsal demo last year, recorded November 11, 2011. It is their latest offering, good experimental drone/doom and of course there is the weird spoken word introduction.
And, I’m hung over as fuck, YouTube is crapping out and refusing to play this video, my computer is refusing to even acknowledge my Android and honestly I haven’t been able to listen to this demo in its entirety. However, I am assuming there is someone out there who isn’t having alcohol induced technical difficulties and would be hyped to hear this demo, thus I’m posting it anyway. Enjoy.


Sunn O)))- White 1 (2003)

200-some posts and I haven’t touched on Sunn O))) yet, which struck me as odd until I realised that I really haven’t listened to Sunn O))) much and the only albums of theirs I had gotten from M and had never really listened to them much other than on job sites with the iPod on shuffle, which is not the proper setting to enjoy drone/doom, at all.
The Sunn O))) album I picked was White1, a random selection from their mountain of work, which got an average review of 76% from six reviews on Metallum.
This sounds like a crumby introduction, but Sunn O))) is not a band that grabs the listener and the music isn’t made to be perceived that way either.
White1 is almost an hour of super heavy, low and muddy droning riffs pierced with haunting poetry/vocals/weirdness.
It takes a while to get into the mood of the album but once there this is a sick album.
The second time I listened to this I started thinking that this really was a good example of Sunn O))) because this is a mid-way point in the progression of their sound, which the reviews explain with older fans feeling shunned because they seemed to expect a simple regurgitation of older albums, and others are simply not fans of the genre, which is understandable.
This album is an excellent introduction to Sunn O))) and drone/ambient in general, which I love, but it has been an acquired taste.