Stone of the Swamp is a blog about the music and people of Orlando. A week ago some Islamic fuck attacked our city targeting a large group of unarmed Floridians. Orlando is a cool town and while we mourn our losses, the City Beautiful is not being cowed by terrorism. I am proud to report to the world that Friday afternoon got started in good style and fashion with Central Floridians getting back to the normal weekend ritual, which is mainly getting drunk and high out in this exquisite Florida weather. The Hideaway and Wally’s still opened at 7 am for Floridians too eager and exuberant to wait until noon to show their resilience to terror.
Orlando hasn’t changed, and won’t. This is a great town and always will be, the only difference being that we have reverted back to our culture of the 80’s when almost everyone had a deer rifle in the trunk or toolbox, sitting next to the fishing rod, cooler and warm beers.

This Myrrors album is the soundtrack for staring at the space between the wall and one’s self. Psychedelic/ krautrock from Arizona. Perfect for the afternoon session, 91%.

Lake Ivanhoe in the city beautiful, Orlando, Florida. This is still our city.

It’s Not Night: It’s Space- Bowing Not Knowing To What (2012)

A nice and mellow and warm Sunday. I sit here in the warm sunshine while the rest of the nation is up to their ears in snow. I honestly wonder why people live where it snows. It’s cold and heavy, who cares if it looks pretty? I love hearing people claiming to miss the changing of the seasons while wearing shorts and flip flops. That’s the same as claiming to miss gonorrhea.
It’s Not Night It’s Space is a psychedelic-space rock trio from New Perz. Excellent driving music, recommended, 86%.


Sendelica- The Satori In Elegance Of The Majestic Stonegazer (2012)

Sendelica is an instrumental psychedelic space rock trio from the UK. Twangy, moody and mellow, this is a good album to accompany a cup of coffee and an oil session on a frosty morning.
The album starts off with an absolutly killer riff, and Satori in Elegance Part II ends with another long repetitive one, probably the best of the album. Overall though, I’m not inthralled with this release. It’s good, but not great, and I was going to say, falling more into the category of background music for work than session music, but that’s not a fair analysis. This release suffers from overproduction more than anything. Psychedelic and Space rock are both dirty sounding genres that don’t transition well to clean recordings. It’s not like early black metal albums that sounded great on muddy, garage recordings, and then spectacular when rerecorded digitally. A good live recording of this album would be stellar, but this studio release is way too clean and falls a bit short, 86%.
Seriously, super clean psychedelic sounds like jazz.


Black Moon Circle- Andromeda (2014)

Black Moon Circle has been coming up on the radar, frequently being mentioned around the [so called] blogosphere this year. Psychedelic rock from Norway, they have that rare combination of both a good singer and a talented band. The first song, The machine on the hill starts off with catchy vocals and reverb and Psychedelic riffs that pulls the listener into the album. Followed by Jack’s cold sweat it’s easy to see why this band has created such a buzz. Perfect background music for the Sunday session, 90%, enjoy.


An Unfortunate Announcement

My dad passed away the other day, a very sad event., I miss him dearly. Taking a brief hiatus from posting, time to gather my thoughts, get the inevitable affairs taken care of and time to recuperate. Dead Meadow’s Old Growth is one of my all time favorite albums and I’ve found myself listening to Between Me And The Ground a lot lately. The lyrics aren’t printed and the listener has to hear the song multiple times to get the gist of it, but it is a psychedelic classic, one of those albums that can easily be left on repeat for days, 99%, enjoy.