Relationship Advice and Black Metal Wednesday; The Self-Righteous Generation and Wyrd Visions

The Baby Boomers didn’t earn their name.
   The Greatest Generation earned their name by growing up during the Great Depression, going on to fight and win World War Two, and then building the world’s leading economy.  Our generation, The Loser Generation, also earned our name because we grew up in daycare and like to do drugs.
Based off these observations I am thinking that the Baby Boomers need a name based on their accomplishments. The Wanker Generation won’t gain widespread acceptance so I will seek another term to properly describe our parents generation.
A common mentality among that generation is to whine and finger-point and blame and to seek justice from a higher authority. In their minds, they are the greatest generation and they secretly resent their parent’s generation for “stealing” the name.
For real. The entire generation is also convinced that their children are lazy and that somehow, by downing their children, because every aspect of their lives is not absolutely perfect, somehow, that is going to help, something.
52% of blackjack hands are won by the house. The Baby Boomers have not gotten it through their thick skulls that not every hand is winnable. Maybe, maybe just maybe, their children aren’t unsuccessful losers who haven’t tried. Maybe there are other reasons, reasons that they should readily see given the advantage of age…
It is a common theme among all of my friends. Last weekend I was hanging out with a friend that is a Rocket Scientist (no lie), who is married to another rocket scientist, whose parents somehow consider him unsuccessful! WTF? He’s a Rocket Scientist! What more do they want him to do?! Fly the fucking things too??!!
If you don’t believe me that they are a generation of assholes check out the pictures that come up under a Google image search of the term AARP HERE.
Just look at them! Driving around in a red convertible with the top down, waving their wrinkled arms in the air, fucking gross! I am sure they are so overwhelmed with joy because they just told one of their children what a disappointment he/she is to them. Or the couple smiling as they start to kayak in a canyon; I’d bet one of their children walks to work…
Dinks. All of them. Head-Crammed-Up-Their-Own-Asses Generation doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, so I nominate The Self-Righteous Generation as the proper term for our parents generation.

Wyrd Visions is a psychedelic/folk project out of Canadia. I stumbled across this band because they covered “Freezing Moon” (Mayhem); it is a good cover done in a psychedelic/folk style

another blog about Wyrd Visions an a download link to a .7z file