Elvira’s Mom and Farallon- Stellar Descent / Aylwin split (2013)

Recently, CCRR observed that the feral cats in the neighborhood were putting on weight. Logically speaking, there had to be an explanation for this, and thus began The Mystery of the Fat Cats. “Coincidently” we also noticed the crazy old lady that lived in one of the apartments across the street (Elvira’s Mom), was moving.
After several seconds of intense concentration we deduced the only logical explanation for the feral cat’s weight gain is that Elvira’s Mom has been feeding the cats.
In the light of the moon she duck-walks naked into the front yard of the apartments with a can of raw tuna stuffed into her orifices, then, standing still as a statue, she waits for the feral cats to approach and feed, like a hunter. When the street light momentarily flickers back on, she throws a blanket over herself like Frodo, in Lord of the Rings and, disguises herself as a rock.

Today we have the Farralon split featuring Stellar Descent and Aylwin, a black metal band and an atmospheric blackened post-rock band. The split has the typical California-Cool-Kid in so far as they only made 10 physical copies (hand numbered, of course), then, later, another twenty, other than that it is free and Bandcamp-only at the moment, which is real nice.
The first track is by Aylwin and while listenable, it is too long and the whole blackened atmospheric and post-rock sounds have been pretty well explored, and this track belonged in the last slot, not the first. It would have fit into the flow much better at that spot, sleepy songs aren’t good first songs.
The second and third tracks are by Stellar Descent and is in actuality just one good, long, soaring song. While thoroughly black metal an acoustic guitar is used to good effect, and while some might call the part with the Canadian geese (I’m not kidding) a bit much, I still enjoy this song and it carries this split into the category of one of this years best releases to date.
It is rare now a days to see a band explore new sounds from a purely black metal perspective (most attempts are just cover bands who forgot the original lyrics), 89%.


And here we have a picture from DasBüt and the latest Nutty Cock and Nuts Sodomy ‘zine



Quotes Part 2 (lazy day)

“I had eight chocolate martinis, the next day I was driving down the road and totally shit myself. Had to go home and shower, change my cloths and everything.”

“Yeah and he’s doing a hand-stand on the fucking lawn mower, so I yell at him ‘What are you, retarded!?'”


It’s a lazy day so I called out… OK I didn’t finish the advice article and it is 9:45 pm Tuesday night, so… I’m a lazy bum and next week relationship advice Wednesday will resume.

Quotes from the porch and Øresund Space Collective

“What is that kid’s problem?? I wish a family member would have molested me as a kid, I would’ve gotten more allowence… ‘some call it hush money, but that’s how we express our love’.”

“Charlie, uh, you have dip running down your chin.”
“Thanks. Howe muuch do youe still owe on your stuedent looans?” Replied Charlie, the master electrician, through a golf ball sized piece of chewing tobacco. 

“Your favorite thing in the world. Yes. That’s better than tuna-hole.” -Angry Ginger

It’s a lazy day so I’m posting some quotes from the porch and a video from Øresund Space Collective, a space-rock jam-band, whom I will write a post about at some point in the future (and a download link, of course).
Pepper Plant

the DL link for SpaceC and the professor